Archive # 10


tanka haiku: Lady Liberty,
friend of the huddled masses
yearning to breathe free,
  let your torch of Freedom shine;
  on all of our hopes and dreams.


haiku: Carving pumpkins? Yuck.
Buying candy for ‘those brats’ …?
Who needs Halloween?


Do not play with ‘whilst’,
it’s archaic and obscure,
Whilstle while you work.


Weary troubadour,
guitar slung across his back,
refrains from strumming.
The gray of the sky,
matched the gray river waters,
infinity flowed …
An old weathered rope,
hangs ’round a lonely fence-post,
purpose forgotten.
His shifting status,
hero one day, scapegoat next,
was confusing him.
Can we ever hear
the footsteps of history
marching through our lives?
Wet leaves line the street,
pedestrians wear jackets.
brisk autumn morning.
It’s way too early,
to come to a conclusion,
so, he simply guessed.
The joint’s carpenter,
refused to replace the joist.
He was no joiner.
Two minute warning,
it’s first down and goal to go.
Don’t fumble the ball.
Sirens start screaming,
in the middle of the night.
causing dogs to bark.
  Then, the neighbor’s lights go on.
  I drove through the shrubs, okay?
Beautiful and lithe,
a girl in a tight t-shirt,
jogs pushing a pram.
Crystal chandeliers,
are NOT the best design choice
with six foot ceilings.
Most experts know, you
can’t alphabetize chaos,
but CAN order fries.
No one is pristine
by the time they reach sixty
Life does take a toll.
I can not tell you
how deep’s the ache in my soul …
but, thank God, you know.
Oh baby, baby …
Papa’s got a brand new bag
(filled with toys for you.)
(1 of 2)
Eternity is
a wish not to die made real.
A hope we can’t prove.
(2 of 2)
Of course, it’s also
dining with all your in-laws
and waiting for news.
Geese, dogs and seagulls,
seldom think beyond right now,
Man does nothing but.


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