Archive # 11



haiku: ‘King of the Cowboys’,
He fought the bad guys and sang
‘Happy Trails to you …’

(Roy Rogers – born 11/05/1911- died 07/06/1998)

haiku: Mind all aflutter,
She left her glasses at home
and her keys at work.

Will you please turn back?
Your clocks that is, this weekend.
(Too much daylight saved.)
Sitting on the curb,
the boy watches the runners;
“I think I’ll do that.”
At the water’s edge,
a beachcomber contemplates
a scallop seashell.
There, at her bedside,
were her friends and family;
‘Welcome back from Oz.’
He was raised by wolves,
but tutored by nightingales,
so, he howls on key.
alternate version:
I was raised by wolves,
I’m dating Red Riding Hood.
Conflict of int’rest?
They spent All Souls Day,
still stuck in Purgatory.
Heaven help them … please.
tanka haiku: The 96th Street
ramp to the West Side Highway;
a thing of beauty.
   A tree-lined curved underpass
   with a view of the Hudson.
The green poker chip,
hidden in his vest pocket,
kept him in the game.
 Some signs reveal truths,
and some try to sell you stuff;
words can open hearts.
Emphatic rainbows,
Strew their colors ‘cross the sky
Nothing’s black or white.
 In Grandma’s parlour,
quiet domesticity,
and a sleeping cat.
And so, moving on,
he gave up all his comforts,
to find a new path.
As I fall asleep,
whispers of memories drift
through my consciousness …
Bags full of candy,
(‘Goodies’ gleaned on Halloween),
Seldom last a week.
Sunny Sunday morn,
Where’s my winter wonderland?!
It’s melted away.
Saturday snowfalls,
kids still get the day off, and
parents still shovel.
 Outside, snowflakes fall,
comfy in my bungalow,
time for hot cocoa.
Mind all aflutter,
She left her glasses at home
and her keys at work.  
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