Archive # 14



Blueberry muffins;
tempting morsels for breakfast,
make you smile all day.


Bayberry candles,
in the windows, pine needles
on the parlor floor.


Let each turkey slice
and wedge of mom’s pumpkin pie,
demonstrate our thanks.


Mash the potatoes,
baste the turkey, eat some pie,
then take a long nap.


my mom’s old scrapbook,
is a journey through her past,
chock full o’ photos.


A rainy morning,
sipping coffee and reading,
the dog nuzzles me.


And so, we gather
to rejoice and to give thanks
for we are so blessed.


He looked in mirrors,
to find signs of aging, but …
he was blind to them.


She was of good faith
and she did all the right things,
still, she felt empty.


tanka haiku: All slogans aside,
What are we going to do?
America’s broken.
   The truth must, for once, be told,
   And obstruction must end NOW.


haiku: Aggravating man,
infuriating woman,
sweet couple though.


in a lonely room,
a writer pecks his keyboard …
inspiration strikes!


haiku: Traveling by train
isn’t what it used to be …
still, it gets you there.


Turn adversity,
into something of value.
And then, teach the world.


Minimize your pains,
but maximize your blessings,
and keep marching on.
A sunny morning
pries open sleepy eyes and
says, ‘Come rejoin Life.’
His Anchorage home;
where hard rocks in his new stove,
mean Baked Alaska.


“He’s drenched in sunshine,
Which could be the reason he’s
always so lit up.

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