Archive # 19


This week’s batch of haikus:
double haiku:  May the coming year
bring enough adversity
to test your mettle.

And enough joy and
happiness to make your heart
sing and your soul soar.


double haiku: He wrestled demons,
which didn’t pay as well as
praying for angels …

But, it’s a living.
And the fact is, he preferred
headlocks to halos.

He was in shock. His
precious illuminated
manuscript was real.


Standing in Times Square,
with the drunks that celebrate
watching a ‘ball’ drop.
He crosses the street,
nonchalantly dodging cars,
but bicycles? BAM!
Waiting and waiting …
he couldn’t take much more … then
the other shoe dropped.
After each rainstorm
shimmering shafts of sunshine,
broke through the grey clouds.
If you’re hunting for
the bluebird of happiness,
lure it by laughing.
Each day we listen,
to all the sounds around us
and hear what we like.
He toined to ‘Blinky’
and said, “Ya moron, that’s not
my moll, that’s my mom!”
Prepping for blood work
is a ‘tortuous routine’;
no food or water.
A strange dialect,
false moustache and wig can not
alter your spirit.
He rubs his fingers
over a long healed scar and
reflects on his life.
The kitten’s whiskers
brushed across the old man’s face,
making him giggle.
A blustery day
the weather outside is calm
Congress in session
Poor old uncle Mike,
slept in rocker recliner
now he can’t get up.
Bayberry candles
still spread a christmas-y scent
through his apartment.
Fastidious fops
frequent fewer flophouses;
find fancier fare.
Paths to glory run
through fields of ignominy,
loathing and defeat.
Search the whole wide world,
ev’ry nook and cranny and
you will find … more stuff.
On his empty bed,
sits a present, wrapped, but left
out of his suitcase.


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