Archive #2


haiku: “Minds that only yearn,
Never taste the fruit of life,
Merely chew the rind.”

haiku: “Down on the bayou,
nobody asks hominy grits,
catfish eat pralines.”

haiku: “Living in the past,
Though not a panacea,
Is still comforting.”

haiku: “She sneezed her dress off,
Which caused quite a kerfuffle,
in the library.”

haiku: “Heaven only knows,
What you were really thinking,
When you said, ‘Hello’.”

haiku: “She was unaware,
That her presence caused a scene,
So, moved blithely on…”

haiku: “Shattering silence,
The car horns’ cacophony,
Wakens my neighbors.”

haiku: “Willing accomplice,
One to whom I owe so much,
I’m glad you’re my friend.”

haiku: “By the garden wall,
a very blue hydrangea,
contemplates escape.”

haiku: “Things you don’t forget;
My father built a wagon,
for me to ride in.”

haiku: “60’s cocktail hour,
Whiskey sours were half-price,
Tuesday’s? Ladies Night.”

tanka haiku: “Are you touched each day?
Do you caress your love, or
hold them in your arms?
  Do you search for cyber-hugs,
  as salve for withered longings?”

haiku: “Suddenly, footsteps,
A shadow in the doorway,
Then, a match is struck.”

haiku: “Cats and melon balls,
a recipe for hijinks,
and some sticky cats.”

haiku: “With flights of angels,
No pat-downs or hold-overs,
And no hi-jackings.”

haiku: “Abracadabra,
makes rabbits disappear, (Psst!
Under the table.)

haiku: “The weekend hunter,
tripped on a pine cone. Even
his dog had to smile.”

haiku: “Waltzing through one’s life,
Not as easy as it sounds …
There’s all that counting!”

haiku: “‘Honey, zip me up,
Or we’re going to be late’,
(Her hair was still wet.)”

haiku: “He moves quietly,
through dark streets and alleyways,
Searching for lost souls.”

haiku: “In my loneliness,
Watching as the world goes by,
I re-think choices.”

haiku: Whist’ling in hallways,
On a Saturday morning,
Brings muffled retorts.”

haiku: “outside my window,
I see (and hear) a street fair,
so much for my nap.”

haiku: “his wishful thinking
only confounded the Fates,
so they surprised him.”

haiku: “Mary had a lamb,
And little though it was, it …
began stalking her.”


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