Archive # 20


They said, ‘He’s a fool’
But he intrigued her, because …
she felt foolish too.


double haiku: This physical realm,
lets spiritual beings,
experience pain.

Live and you’ll know pain;
All lessons in Life derive
from this single fact.



I think he enjoyed
being silly the most when
she was serious.
She put pink socks on
her fingers and wiggled them.
He still didn’t laugh.
Oh no, not again!
My right sock’s on the left foot!
I’ll walk in circles!
a clumsy lover
is often the most sincere
be gentle with them.
some simple advice;
when attending reunions,
don’t just stand there, shmooze!
She left him speechless.
Without words, he walked away …
(but took his sweet time.)
A sterile house with
antiseptic anterooms,
will only breed aunts.
An int’resting choice;
hiding her psoriasis
under snake tattoos.
On the bus ride home,
he reached into his pocket,
and found her love note.
Little lady bug,
slowly crawls over rock walls,
to reach my garden.
Giving away the
punchline of a rival’s joke …
is satisfying.   😉
Old acquaintances
forgot? And ne’er brought to mind?
Well, that’s just silly.
You can deny it,
crush it and bury it, but
Truth will rise again.
There is much to do,
and we’re the ones to do it.
Gather up, let’s go!
double haiku: As we approach the
start of another new year,
let us make this vow:

To let go of things,
and leave what’s past in the past.
Look forward, not back.

Delicately placed
on the mahogany desk;
his father’s notepad.
Wiping away tears,
he had to take a deep breath.
Love overwhelmed him.
In an oblong tin,
he kept his oolong tea, cuz …
that’s where it belonged.
Gradual tea-bags
will just make your tea cozy,
make your tea-bags steep.


He still talks to her
whenever he needs a friend.
She still ignores him.


Confused conundrums,
thoroughly mixed metaphors,
twisted conclusions.
Though aunts may wear pants,
an uncle in a dress would
be ‘ahem’ -raiser.


Hating violence;
his hands hid his eyes when he
watched “The Godfather.”
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