Archive # 24


He could memorize
any Shakespearean role …
His shopping list? D’OH!


He soon discovered,
ice-skating was not his ‘thing’.
His ‘thing’? Falling down.
Nervously, she paced.
It was well after midnight,
and she’d heard no news.


Wishing her the best,
he shook her hand, grabbed his bags,
and boarded the train.
He stood very still.
Slowly, his essence emerged.
And hope swirled ’round him.
Chronic mnemonics
(unlike harmonic phonics),
can be demonic!
His fancy footwork
often gets him out of binds,
but his ankles hurt.
Let us elevate,
our dialogue and our lives …
eschew the mundane.
tanka haiku: Frantically, she searched
through every drawer and cabinet,
for her missing blouse.

(It’s in the dirty laundry;
worn on that awful blind date.)

We wince, we shudder,
we bite our lip. We endure.
Mere pain won’t stop us.
My dear old friend, it’s
nice we can be so honest.
(Love you, hate that dress.)
Success often stands
on the shoulders of failure.
Never give up hope.
He tried to please her,
he tried to reason with her,
she tried his patience.
Fiefdoms multiply,
dividing up the landscape,
adding no value.
Dimpled darlings, done
dunking donuts, dare drinking
double demitasse.
Is there anything,
more satisfying than to
help others achieve?
Willows in the wind,
gently swaying back and forth,
like sleepy dancers.
As the years went by,
he could not forget her eyes;
so filled with kindness.
A remote sand dune,
hides a young couple in love,
from all … but one dog.
With a gleeful squeal,
the little girl in the park,
discovered the slide.
Saw a sign today,
That said ‘Stand Up MRIs’ …
“Take my x-rays … please.”
Walking through the woods,
I find a weathered birdhouse,
nailed onto a tree.
The sun was shining
as he stumbled to his bed,
the first draft finished.
He flipped through pages
of sad poetry before
finding his haiku.
He meditates, then
‘dissolves into his being.’
(Don’t wake him from naps!)
The confused tourist:
“Don’t they speak French in Paris?”
Tour Guide: “We’re in Minsk.”
We’re on a spaceship
traveling through time. Can we
stop to buy ice cream?
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