Archive # 25


tanka haiku:  The wall, torn down, the
camera lost, the girl left.
Only memories
    inside my head remain to
    keep ev’rything as it was.
Solid evidence
of who and what we once were
will get lost in Time.
Please friend, hold my hand.
I’m a stranger here, and don’t
know my way around.
Twilight emerges
putting this long day to bed,
releasing our dreams.
Though heart’s desires
are not always met, they greet
our souls at sundown.
Getting up early,
ruins your sleeping and your
love of alarm clocks.
The ties that bind us,
may sometimes chafe, yet they keep
those whom we need, near.
Have we lost our way?
Or has our journey been changed
to exploration?
A heart that wanders
may never take root in the

field where their love waits.

Today’s annoyance;

remembering I forgot

to charge my iPod.
Watering flowers;
simple acts of kindness that
encourages beauty.
You constantly cry
then wonder why the world seems
so full of teardrops.
Feeling remorse for
things you can’t control is like
weeping for moonbeams.
Papa took his time,
winding his pocket watch, then …
asked me to ‘explain.’
When you are swimming, 
you don’t think about drowning. 
So it is with Life. 
In the hollow tree,
he hid grandfather’s watch
and a plastic whistle. 
Are you ever tired
of hearing you should be sad
just because you’re sick?
Martini’s shaken
and not stirred, makes olives bounce
and Bond, James Bond, drunk.
Vixens vindicate,
vicious, voracious viewpoints,
vocal victors vie.
tanka haiku: 
Please consider this …
maybe, just maybe, it’s you.
Nothing wrong with that.
    Perhaps you’re simply blind to 
    the lessons Life’s offering. 
Through Life’s twists and turns,
we learn about ourselves, so
avoid the straight path.
You know how Life is … 
Dull .   Then something comes along
and lights up your heart.
He soon discovered, 
ice-skating was not his ‘thing.’ 
His ‘thing?’  Falling down. 
Nervously she paced,
it was well after Midnight,
and she’d heard no news. 
Wishing her the best, 
he shook her hand, grabbed his bags
and boarded the train.
He stood very still, 
slowly his essence emerged 
and Hope swirled ’round him.
The room was darkened, 
The drapes were all tightly shut  
as his spirit ebbed.
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