Archive # 26


Did you see my note?
I left it on the table,
right next to the … oops.
Over-heard mall conversation-ku:
“Where are you waiting?”
“I’m over by the pretzels.”
“Next to the fruit stand?”
    “Yeah, I’m squeezin’ some melons.”
    “Okay, have fun, see you soon.”
You tell me you don’t,
and yet I see that you do.
I can’t help but laugh.
It’s not bleak nor foul,
it’s grey … and raining a bit.
No cause for alarm.
On a street corner,
an old woman glares at me.
I look like her son.
He sang as he drove
down a lonely stretch of road,
and waved at road-kill.
Oh my dear sweet love,
when you come near, my heart leaps
and I’m filled with joy!
 His heart had grown old,
his spirit, weak and flagging,
Love had shut its door.
In the school playground
on St. Valentines Day, he
says, ‘Hello’ to her.
A poet said; ‘I
carry your heart in my heart.’
and I do, my love.
haiku re-dux: Try imagining,
that strangers you encounter,
are friends from past lives.
Across the river,
lies the land where dreams still thrive.
We must build a bridge.
Winking at strangers,
with whom you come face-to-face,
might just make their day.
tanka haiku: We should live our lives
as if we were near-sighted;
Don’t focus too much
    on small things up close, and
    keep a blur ’round the edges.
a heartfelt kindness
may mend the past and help to
re-shape the future
 Winter winds chill me,
cold rain soaks through my clothing.
What a rotten day.
My eyes glaze over;
I’m lost in a better past,
having fun with you.
Moon behind the clouds,
dew forms on the meadow grass,
we shall meet again.
haiku re-dux: Since the day we met,
the creases from your smile,
are still in my eyes.
They were on a lark,
when they met an old school mate
living on the street.
The moon, shining bright,
Illuminates the stillness
of country meadows.

A willow longs for,
a brook over which to weep.
The brook likes the shade.

Wearing her sweatshirt,
nursing a cup of coffee,
reading the Funnies.

Deep in the forest,
Patches of stippled sunlight,
Warm a leaf-strewn trail.

A garden pathway,
Lined with purple violets,
Absorbs all sadness.
If I choose to play
your sport, in your ballpark, don’t
I follow your rules? 
    Who makes game rules, then insists
    non-players must follow them?
 T’was love at first sight,
First, he tickled her fancy,
And then, so much more.
None shall ever know
private failures we endure,
unless we succeed …
Stars fall from the skies
Planets wobble in orbit,
We can get through this.
tanka haiku: The waitress offered,
him coffee, but he said, “Juice.”
Then ordered pancakes …
… and eggs and sausages, and
THEN he asked for some coffee.
A crumpled fender,
wrapped around a barber pole,
could mean a close shave.
With reluctance, she
let her dad in, and he saw …
her Elvis poster!
At the sky’s edges,
mountaintops still pierce the clouds,
to peek at heaven.
He really enjoyed,
reading his friend’s comic books;
for they lent him dreams.
Sweeping the garage,
he noticed, in the corner,
a box of old dolls.
The quick red fox jumped
o’er lazy typewriters, owned
by sleeping brown dogs.

She said, “It’s funny,
but you don’t look haiku-ish …
Are you circumscribed?”
He stepped off the bus,
and was run over by a
d*mned bike messenger.
How many times can
you slam into a brick wall
and not go ’round it?
Her vichyssoise was
so cold, the potatoes wore
napkins to keep warm.
 I am ‘down with love’,
but that is not what you meant,
is it? I thought not.
A measured response
may linger in the mind, but
never in the heart.
tanka haiku: sitting on her desk,
is a modest vase with a
beautiful red rose.
    No one saw who put it there,
    but one heart yearned to tell her.
Whispers in the night,
giggling under the sheets,
love’s playful embrace.


Red leaves on roses,
and whiskey on kittens?!! THESE
are your fav’rite things?
Please friend, hold my hand.
I’m a stranger here, and don’t
know my way around.
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