Archive # 28


No wishful thinking
can turn apples into plums.
Apple sauce? Perhaps
Clearly embarrassed,
The teen excuses herself
and runs from the room.
Strolling through the park,
I can feel my focus shift.
Nature affects me.
One day too many,
in a month already stuffed,
with hilarity.
Take a chance, today.
Put your fears aside and LEAP
into the unknown.
I search behind doors
and under beds and sofas …
where are you hiding?


When you have a lot
that’s on your mind, let your day
begin quietly.
Walking through meadows
just before sunrise, is worth
some wet trouser cuffs.
I met a rabbit
this morn, in a dew-y glen,
I nodded, he hopped.
Pies on windowsills
send aromas wafting through
a nearby schoolyard.
Inside of your mind
are vast landscapes to explore.
discover yourself.
Can we ever let
Love truly know our hearts? Must
shadows’ hints suffice?
His mind still wanders
but knows not to stray too far
from the neighborhood.
Why not happiness?
Each day it IS an option.
Let yourself choose it.
Sometimes I forget
my youth has abandoned me …
and I walk alone.
Its been a long day
and we’ve both said way too much …
we should go to bed.
Ten, Jack, Queen, King … Four.
(sigh) It’s time to leave the game
and settle my debts.
Under the table,
she rubbed her foot ‘gainst his leg,
hoping’ he’d poker.
A humid morning,
across the street, some workers
sip coffee and smoke.
Her winter sweaters
neatly folded, placed with care
in a cedar chest.
Anguished and in pain,
she never thought that her life
would end up like this.
Coral begonias
offer a quiet contrast
to those yellow mums.
that grist mill at river’s edge,
once fed a small town.
She has such a smile,
it can send him to the moon.
So, he makes her laugh.
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