Archive # 3


haiku: “In the hushed darkness,
the flickering images, 
danced upon the screen.”
haiku: “Withering glances,
From his ex-wife, kept him from
making his next move.”
haiku: “There’s a flag flying, 
atop yonder hill, it waves,
Freedom shall endure.”
haiku: “A bowl of walnuts,
sits on a coffee table,
made of relatives.”
haiku: “In a fitful sleep,
memories long forgotten,
rise to consciousness.”
haiku: Our traffic-clogged streets,
made worse by double parked trucks,
and dumb dog walkers …”
haiku: “In the dining room,
a ludicrous spectacle,
sirloin with white wine.”
haiku: “Even though he’d won,
his thoughts remained fixated,
on all he had lost.”
haiku: “at the girl’s front door,
boys stammer and hesitate,
 … and hope for a kiss.”
haiku: a tangerine sky, 
clouds that haunt the horizon,
lure me into night.
haiku: “Flying through the air,
should be avoided by both,
dentures and toupees.”
haiku: “What the heck happened?
The earth moved under my feet, 
The sky tumbled down.”
(Thanks and a tip of the hat to Carole King)
haiku: “Alone at Midnight,
Walking through old neighborhoods,
Searching for my past.”
haiku: “If this train runs right,
I will see my gal tonight.
My heart leads me home.”
(Thanks and a tip of the hat to Woody Guthrie)
haiku: Since no-one’s at home,
A note’s slipped under the door,
‘Sorry ’bout the tree.’
haiku: “I watch a rabbit,
hop through my garden, pausing
to enjoy the view.”
haiku: whispering your name,
in my darkest moments, gives
me soothing solace.
haiku: By a waterfall,
The lovers had a picnic,
ev’rything got wet.
haiku: Grandpa’s gold timepiece,
has a little secret; he 
won it playing ‘craps.’
haiku: “Caught in a downpour,
without an umbrella, he
steps in a puddle.”
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