Archive # 5


In Nantucket pubs,
Zithers and dulcimers play,
to enraptured drunks.
A convent garden,
a devout mantis prays for
There was a large crowd,
lined up ’round Tompkins Square Park,
Bread line? Movie Shoot.
Lazy sunlight drifts,
through the parted lace curtains,
of the drawing room.
In a quiet room.
a book lies open on a
mahogany desk.
Grandpa used to say,
“If you live, your time will come”,
Grandma’s never did.
 I don’t know her name,
I’ll never see her again,
Still, she stays with me.
Brick ovens, brickbats,
bric-a-brac … He’s been a real
brick through the whole thing.”
tanka haiku:  Ever find yourself
thinking of quitting your job?
Yeah, I know, me too.
  Just kidding, of course … Really.
  (My boss is on Facebook too.)
Know this, my sweet child,
precious are the memories,
that some day you’ll have.
Torn between lovers,
he was not sure what to do,
then, he beheld her…”
What’s more delicious,
a strawberry milk shake, or
a hot apple pie?

9/11 tanka haiku+1:

‘Dear Lord, what’s happened?!’
Shocking. Unbelievable.
Even now, we weep.
For we sat and watched evil,
attempt to kill our spirit.

But we shall resist,
We will not yield, nor forget,
And we will survive.

Scars are reminders,
That Life can be risky, but
we can, and will, heal.
Fog floats on the fields,
dew forms on the split rail fence
cows still have no clue.
Heard when raising joists
on the terrier’s doghouse;
‘Beam is up, Scottie!’
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