Archive # 6


Mournful elegies
echoed through the cathedral
loved ones laid to rest.
Autumn arrives with
colorful foliage and
orchards to harvest.
Ah, the autumn leaves,
that drift gently to the ground,
blanketing the lawn.
Piles of raked leaves,
sit in my yard. Should we jump?
What kid can resist?
Eliminate stress,
by breathing deeply. Then, you
focus on nothing
In a wooden shack,
on the outskirts of town, lives
his late uncle’s wife.
Will you dance with me?
Come, Let’s shake the rafters with
our mutual joy.
In a hiding place,
behind some old wainscoting,
dusty diaries.
A sincere heart is,
more likely to change the world,
than well reasoned thoughts.
She seldom complained,
was quick with a comeback, so…
was taken lightly.
He was confident,
he’d done the assignment, but …
Wrong chapters were read.
His girlfriend’s bedroom,
seemed like such a private place,
dainty and perfumed.
tanka haiku: The rheumy’s office
was quite small and cramped and yet …
within, whole new worlds.
   Many unfamiliar realms
   were first revealed to me there.
A wind-swept plateau,
where the sky looms large, as in
a John Ford western.
I love you so much,
but can’t claim to ever know,
all you mean to me.
tanka haiku:  When I am dreaming,
I somersault on the beach,
and dash through the surf.
   We laugh, then stroll hand in hand,
    two soul-mates who have found peace.
A toasted muffin,
bacon, juice and cantaloupe,
my Sunday breakfast.
Sweet melodies drift
from my grandmother’s bedroom
old 78’s.
Kids were not allowed
in grandfather’s library,
but cats wandered in.
In Nantucket pubs,
Zithers and dulcimers play,
to enraptured drunks.
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