Archive # 7


When you’re feeling lost,
be brave and don’t hesitate,
in asking for help.
How does one handle,
all the pain and suffering?
Focus on others.
Nervously, he waits,
then hears his cue, and enters,
The ‘Prince!’ (sans trousers.)
If ev’ryone else
is wearin’ raincoats, could be
you’re gonna get wet.
tanka haiku: I confess; I wore
paisley ascots, bell-bottoms
and nehru jackets.
  But it was the Sixties, man.
  We were all a bit crazy.
In a nursing home,
aren’t the residents too old,
not to have been weaned?
I am not alone,
just as long as I have you,
after that … who knows?
The billowing sails,
The churning, white-capped waters, 
grey skies at ebb tide.
She blinked, he winked … then,
He waited … she fainted … then,
They shared a good laugh.
tanka haiku: Muggy Autumn days
ought to be outlawed because
they’re so annoying.
  Too humid to wear jackets,
  too cool not to wear jackets.
Slept through ‘Meet the Press.’
Prob’ly a good idea,
rather than throw things.
When painting ‘still lifes’,
try not to put your elbow, 
in the water cup.
Should, I go ahead?,
Nothing ventured, nothing gained,
Doing brings wisdom.
In a small garden,
pansies patiently wait for
roses to be picked.
 No previews? That stinks!
But then, so did the movie. 
Everything’s re-makes.
While crouched underneath,
her conestoga wagon,
she did needlework.
Sprawled on an ice floe,
you tend to forget that you’re 
heading for the falls.
Blandly defiant,
dead cars give no excuses,
they simply won’t go.
Some stars in the sky,
stopped shining eons ago.
(We’ve yet to notice.)
In an ev’ning’s field,
a scurrying mouse ignores
danger in the trees.
young boys quickly learn
the alcohol content of
vanilla extract.
All the king’s horses, 
And all the king’s men, liked their
eggs over easy.
Johnny Appleseed,
crossed the country planting trees,
We plant awareness.
“Dropping jaws amongst 
the mystified spectators,
told him the trick worked.
Once again he tries,
running around the backyard,
but his kite won’t fly.
Then she placed her hand,
gently on his shoulder, as
he broke down and sobbed.
In Life, know two things;
The dog will keep barking, and
the train’s movin’ on.
Winter’s not far off,
when roasted chestnuts are sold,
on ev’ry corner.
They shall rise again,
who have been laid asunder,
they shall know glory.
Autumn in New York,
leaves crackle underfoot as
I stroll through the park.
A remote forest,
where towering trees shelter,
delicate flowers.
As dusk approaches,
Earth secretly conspires,
to bring back the light.
As autumn leaves fall,
we must prepare for winter,
and dream of next spring.

Internet access,
Isn’t there?! It isn’t fair!
(That’s Life nowadays.)
Moon behind the clouds,
fields aglow in bluish light,
while foxes prowl.
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