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haiku: A languorous pose,
belies her tragic fate, in
April 1912

(This photo of the statue in Straus Park near where I live, was taken by a neighbor. The statue is of Ida Straus, who died along with her husband Isidor on the Titanic.)

Waiting for a sign,
he remained very still … … … then,
he knew what to do.


tanka haiku:  She found some paper,
then opened her crayon box
and began to draw.
   She scribbled wildly, then
   in big letters, signed her name.


After the rainstorm,
the park looked so lush and green
he felt right at home.


He recalls fondly
how one rainy afternoon
they ‘shared’ an awning.


 Sneaking through the dell,
he follows a dried creek bed
and avoids capture.


tanka haiku: I felt all alone,
isolated from the world,
no-one understood.
   Then I went online and found
   there were others much like me.


Bulls in china shops,
should not be given the keys,
to the museum.


World Arthritis Day*,
We must stiffen our resolve,
and find a cure NOW.

(*World Arthritis Day was October 12th)


tanka haiku: Whimsical beings,
by mutual consent, are
real as you or me.
   To claim that they don’t exist,
   is to dash another’s hopes.


The dog sniffs his food,
warily approaching it,
Fussy as a cat.


Are you a misfit
and conspire to rebel?
Get in line, my friend.


tanka haiku: I once came across,
some writings in an old book,
scribbled in margins.
   They were not profound statements,
   Just old, enshrined graffitti.


Sometimes I’m awake,
When I should be fast asleep,
dreaming I’m awake.


I sit and wonder,
then dream what I hope will be,
I awake and sing.


Down a garden path,
that leads to a wooden bench,
I find solitude.


Comes the debacle,
will you hunker down or flee?
Stand and be counted!


Lawrence O’Donnell
ratchets up the faux outrage,
trying to be Keith.


All things pass away,
And all relationships change,
We’re all in motion.


As autumn leaves fall,
we must prepare for winter,
and dream of next spring.


Internet access,
Isn’t there?! It isn’t fair!
(That’s Life nowadays.)






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