Archive # 9


Do you ever walk
down unfamiliar streets and
yet feel right at home?
I miss many things
that I can no longer do,
eh, but who doesn’t?
Who and what you are,
your strengths and your weaknesses
merge when you’re in Love.
Dreary afternoons,
cooped up in her office, she
dreams of escaping.
The stack of papers,
suddenly flew ’round the room!
Please close the window!
Brisk rainy mornings,
ameliorate gloom and
cleanse nature’s palate.
Broken hearts are warmed,
by the caring of true friends.
Warmth triggers mending.
Wishing you were here,
Hoping you find happiness,
Sadly, we move on.
Hope for the future;
not a thing of the past, but
a present present.
The trees on my block
remain greenly defiant;
Occupy Autumn.
The problem, it seems
is my old mirror. It needs
newer reflections.
Have you seen my thoughts?
They sometimes wander through town,
searching for meaning.
When daffodils bloom,
near the edge of your garden,
passers-by may pluck.
alliterative haiku: “Docile delinquents,
doing downers daily, don’t
despair dumb details.”
horses in meadows,
look as though they’re on a break,
while the cowboys eat.
We laughed ’til we hurt,
For we’d stumbled upon, a
universal truth.
Damn this computer!
‘Page Unresponsive’ … Thanks Chrome.
(Browser aroused her.)
Browser, arouser
of anger in the user.
Click on link for “Help.”
Nine haikus on the theme of OWS: inspired by a friend’s haiku about the tea party and wanting to take our country back.
The tea-party folks
wanted their country back too,
Sadly, they’ve got it.

But this ain’t the same,
we want REAL change and reform,
not Repub. B*llsh*t.

This wrong path we’re on,
was a collaboration,
which we must address.

Living wage? Yeah, right.
Yet sellers still raise prices
then, tax breaks too. Fair?!

Now, average folks
get screwed top, bottom, both ends
and in the middle.

Government to blame?
NO! without it, Big ‘Bizness’
runs roughshod o’er us.

We’re ‘UNITED’ states,
at times, we must sacrifice,
for the ‘common good.’

Here’s where we can start;
corporate ‘people’ must die,
reform campaign laws.

Finally, we must
ALL get mad and VOTE, THEN we’ll
get our country back

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