Haiku-lodeon – Archive #1

haiku: “walking through the woods,
I find a weathered birdhouse,
nailed onto a tree.”
haiku: “If you’ve loved and lost,
You know hearts will never heal,
’til they love again.”
haiku: “Lock the cellar door!
There’s a MONSTER lurking there!
(My sister says so.)
haiku: “the arc of each life,
pierces many hearts, which sews
tapestries of hope.”
haiku: “he expects to learn,
through obtuse introspection …
(it will take a while.)”
haiku: “When you withhold love,
Your link to all souls withers,
And your life force dims.”
haiku: “Winking at strangers,
With whom you come face-to-face,
Might just make their day.”
haiku: You think you’ve won, BUT …
Like the phoenix from ashes,
I shall rise again!”
haiku: “Saw a sign today,
That said ‘Stand Up MRIs’
Comedy x-rays?”
haiku: “Where-ever you go,
You’ll never find a light that,
Shines as bright as home.”
haiku: “Whispering biddies,
Sitting in their parlour chairs,
Can, sometimes be right.”


haiku: “What, she asked, is Hope?
Hope’s the thing that blossoms,
From seeds of despair.”

tanka haiku: “Yes, you know my heart,
For we are kindred spirits,
Walking the same path.
  But stay wary, my friend, for
  Paths, like lover’s hearts, may turn.”

haiku: “Where do you get off,
I mean seriously, where?
The corner okay?”
haiku: “So, the years went by,
He didn’t feel old, but then
He lived in the past.”
haiku: “She laughed wickedly.
Such a chill went up his spine,
that he sneezed ice cubes
haiku: Yesterday, I saw
A man with an umbrella,
Jogging through the park.”
tanka haiku: “Will you take my hand?
Will you walk with me awhile?
Will you be my love?
  Questions must fly through the air,
  Answers may come through actions.”
haiku: “In a wooden box,
hidden in her portmanteau,
Was poor Portman’s toe.”
haiku: “If we just pretend,
Life’s filled with happy times, we’d
never light candles
haiku: “He was mesmerized,
by her stunning beauty and,
how sweetly she laughed.”
haiku: “Her deepest regret,
Was that she’d let him go, and
now he won’t come back.”
haiku: “They shared common goals,
Joined forces and worked as one,
And never looked back.”
tanka haiku: “While waiting on line,
He slowly peeled an orange,
And then, he ate it.
  The line did not move at all,
  Until his third banana.”
haiku: “Fridays after work,
She’d really let her hair down,
And would dance till dawn.”
haiku: “Now he understood,
All the stories in his head,
Needed to be told.”
haiku: “It does not add up,
That the way to multiply,
Is through division.”
haiku: “Sitting in his room,
Pondering his hopes and dreams,
He soon fell asleep.”
haiku: “All one ever knows,
Is what they’ve experienced, 
Or taken on faith.
  But, like silt in riverbeds,
  Both can muddy the water.”
haiku: “After the rainstorm,
The Neon lights shimmered in
Street corner puddles.”
haiku: “In a storefront church,
A young girl began to sing,
And the angels wept.”
haiku: Flung ‘cross space and time,
echoing through centuries,
Landing on the moon.”
haiku: “I am quite in awe
of the lives that have touched mine
Each brought a lesson.” 
haiku: “Windows to our souls,
Eyes may behold the world, but
Minds create vision.”
haiku: “Across that river,
Lies the land where dreams still thrive,
Help me build a bridge.”
haiku: “A gigg’ling toddler,
plays ‘soccer’ on the sidewalk,
with his patient dad.”
“Underneath his bed,
Lies a shirt that she once wore,
And still does, in dreams.”
haiku: “Try imagining, 
That strangers you encounter, 
Are friends from past lives.”
haiku:  “Often those closest,

Can take comfort in knowing, 
We re-create them.”

haiku: “Troubles never last, 
Like cream poured into coffee, 
They’ll soon swirl away.”


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