This week’s heap of haikus – 3/16/12


This week’s heap of haikus:
If you see the world
as humorless, you’ll never
understand the joke.
 Hiding near a gulch
waiting for the next stage coach;
masked desperados!
Glancing at his watch,
he notes it’s only 2:10.
School will NEVER end!
If you turn that screw,
it’s grip will tighten and bring
two woods together.
Singin’ Doo-Wop songs …
dip dip dip doo dip dip dip
doo wah, shoop de dooo.
Dark side of the moon;
where they keep the cheese … and the
light sensitive cows.
She gets lost in books,
often losing track of time …
and what year it is.
We anxiously wait
to become our own persons.
How ironic we are.
A pink cupcake waits
in her office cubicle,
but she’s called in ‘sick.’
 She posed awkwardly.
Her nervousness clearly showed
she was new to this.
I may meander
through some fields and forests, but
I’ll find my way home.
Cynicism is
easy, Optimism hard.
Still, the sky is blue.
 Remember, when you’re
tall in the saddle, your feet
are not on the ground.
 Blessed are those that
never got sick, for old age
will be a surprise.
 There are no rules for
coping with adversity …
Just keep on breathing.
Refract a cold light
using a too-hot iron;
laser, singe the blues.
 Sunday morning strolls
revealed a town, slow to wake,
quietly rising.
Do you feel the world
is here for your amusement
or you for the world’s?
When you see a bird
sitting in a tree … ever
wonder how it’s been?
Though fragile hearts need
whispered blessings, they also
need your steady hand.
Tanka haiku:  Sad days are ahead.
They can not be avoided.
We must live through them.

We’ll get to the other side,
through faith, hope and endurance.

Tanka haiku:  The first day of school,
you learn ’bout water fountains
and bathroom passes.

The next day, you discover
that the two are connected.

Little girls next door,
run in circles in their yard,
playing “tag, you’re it!”
 Pass a laugh along,
it may be just the thing that
lifts a friend’s spirit.
Check back next week for another batch of haikus.
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