More haikus from my distant past …

“A humid morning, Across the street, some workers, Sip coffee and smoke.”

“Her winter sweaters, Neatly folded, placed with care, In a cedar chest.”

Though his hand was out, His eyes told me his spirit, Craved kindness, not cash.”

“With a gleeful squeal, The little girl in the park, Discovered the Slide.”

“A yellow balloon, Bounces in the mid-day sky, Rekindling dreams.”

“Nantucket sand dune, Hides a young couple in love, From all … but one dog.”

“A persistent branch, Keeps tapping me on the back, As if to say, ‘Hi.'”

“Lying in public, Is what politicians do, Still, you’d think they’d blush.”

“Crouching in shadows?!, Nah, just picking up dropped keys, So much for evil.”

“Coral begonias, Offer a quiet contrast, To some yellow mums.

“Anguished and in pain, She never thought that her life, Would end up like this.”

“A schoolyard crime spree, Watson asks, ‘Which school?’, Holmes says, ‘It’s Element’ry.'”

“Oops, I bumped my head, I guess when you’re half-blind, you …, Don’t see stuff coming.”

“A dry blade of grass, Feeling proud and defiant, Wobbles in the wind.”

“Try imagining, That strangers you encounter, Are friends from past lives.”

“Despite commitments, And their vows of devotion, Love had other plans.”

“Though they’ve thrown out much, And lost all that they once were, Still, hopeful hearts beat.”

“His life, thrown away, All that he once was, now lost, Yet, his hope remains.”

“As the years went by, I could not forget her eyes, So filled with kindness.”

“How do I tell you, How much you have meant to me, Without blubbering?”

“Pansies share an urn, On the stoop of my building, With a jealous shrub.”

“My chronic illness, Makes me ask young people ‘Why’, Why are they smoking?”

“The crest of a hill, Does not allow you to see, Over the mountain.”

“Troubles never last, Like cream poured into coffee, They’ll soon swirl away.”

“Type, shmype, Love is love, There’s just no category, In which Love can’t fit.”

“She’s tilting forward, Due to wearing 3 inch heels, Precarious Chic.”

“Willows in the wind, Gently swaying back and forth, Like sleepy dancers.”

“She has a smile, That can send him to the moon, So he makes her laugh.”

“Dilapidated, That grist mill at river’s edge, Once fed a small town.”

“Will I feel again, What I felt when we first kissed, As if the world stopped.”

“Cherries are cheery, Limes sublime, (eat with aplomb.), Produce profiling.”

“Paisleys, polka dots, Stripes, plaids (and argyle socks), A fashion mash-up.”

“Reason with relish, Discuss with some discretion, Linger on dessert.”

“She made you clean up, And sometimes wear a sweater, Thank your mom today.”

“A crowded market, Men in shorts squeeze the melons, Then grab bananas.”

“The day the eyes drooped, Plastic surgeons got a call, From the movie star.”

“Access Hollywood, Then did a feature report, ‘Stars under the knife’.”

“Mechanized milk maids, Are a sure sign of progress, To all but the cows.”

“His flights of fancy, Were of little consequence, In her scheme of things.”

“An eager puppy, Tail wagging, strains at his leash, So many new friends!”

“Complicated thoughts, Can give a haiku texture, But not more insight.”

“Deep in the forest, Patches of stippled sunlight, Warm a leaf-strewn trail.”

“A garden pathway, Lined with purple violets, Absorbs all sadness.” 

 “In the drainpipe’s curve, A nest of twigs holds two eggs, The true joy of Spring.”

 “Hot and humid morn, Washed hair doesn’t want to dry, So she wears a cap.”

“Scampering puppy, Can’t get traction on wet grass, Bunny hops away.”

“In fields slick with dew, A Spaniel chases rabbits, But does not catch them.” 

“Panicky boyfriend, She asked for chrysanthemums, And he’s forgotten.”

“In herds of zebras, Do the littlest zebras, Have to earn their stripes?”

“When you discover, You have reliable friends, Fruit falls from the trees.”



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