This week’s heap of haikus – 3-23-2012


This week’s heap of haikus:
tanka haiku: Would you trust YOUR life
to a stranger’s ‘assumptions’
about who you are? 
   When they ‘stand their ground’, can they 
    perceive the blood on their hands?
In front of the bank,
a man asks for spare change, while
dogs bark noisily.
 The boy was upset …
there’s a hole in his pocket
and his ‘stuff’ is gone!
Scheming violets
tumble o’er the garden’s edge
in search of their roots.
double haiku: The most flirtatious
women, can not turn my head.
(damn this neck fusion.)

They can, however,
make me pivot and sometimes
that’s even better.

Art has such power;
it can sing to our hearts, songs
our minds can not hear.
Hidden in boxes
were a flood of poems, which
explained ev’rything.
My calico cat
has all sorts of adventures
while I am at work.
In the far corner
of my garden, near the fence,
purple asters bloom.
A lovely Spring day
brings people out of doors and
out of their doldrums.
Her words, so honest.
Her self-critique inspired.
Peace within her grasp.
Lanterns on porches
keep lonely vigils; shining
till our hope returns
.Are you a beacon?
Shine your light so others see.
Enlighten the world.

Sitting in a church,

wondering how I got there … 

I mean, Ohio.’



You don’t always know,
When you have stepped from a field,
Into a meadow.
While dealing the hand,
he noticed the six of clubs,
lying on the floor. 
She leaned and whispered,
‘I will never forget you’,
But, by May, she had.
Hailing a taxi,
her scarf flutters in the breeze,
God, I wish she’d stay.
Sitting on my roof,
watching the moon peeking out,
from behind storm clouds.
When I’m all alone,
In my heart and in my mind,
You reverberate.
Laughter’s a rainstorm,
that washes away the gloom,
and cleanses the mind.
A ‘souped-up’ roadster,
screamingly revs its engine,
then lays some rubber.
Double haiku: The out-of-towner
asks the bagel  store worker,
“What’s the softest one?”

To which the worker,

Replies, “The softest bagel,

would be a croissant.” 


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