This week’s heap of haikus … 04-13-2012


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Stashed behind the soup
in her kitchen pantry was
the choc’late cake mix.
Little ladybug,
crawls across my shoe, on her
way to my garden.
Searching for the truth
is easier when you know
where to start to look.
Her withering glance
told him he’d said too much … and
he’ll sleep on the couch.
 He went for his gun …
but the ‘mangy varmint’ said,
‘Billy, time for lunch.’
Do you spend your days
mopping up calamities?
or creating them?
In the stream of Life,
we flow with swift currents, to
avoid stagnant pools.
Will you ever wake?
Or will you dream forever?
Will you ever know?
In the drainpipe’s curve,
a nest of twigs holds two eggs;
the true joy of Spring.
Willows in the wind,
gently swaying back and forth,
like sleepy dancers.”
Troubles never last …
Like cream poured into coffee,
They’ll soon swirl away.
Tulip bulbs planted
upside down, still find a way
to reach the surface.
tanka haiku:  Yellow daffodils
hiding behind hyacinths,
feel rather silly.
(Y’see, daffodils are tall,
and hyacinths, well … aren’t high.)
Easter massacre!
A headless choc’late bunny
lies next to his peeps!
 Hanging at Starbucks;
The Algonquin Roundtable
For witless slackers?
 When I can not sleep
I do not toss and turn, I
go to the bathroom …
 I was born to run,
but knew there was no escape.
So … I did some laps.
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