This week’s heap of haikus 4-20-2012

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
To impress the girl,
the young man sent the small stone
skimming ‘cross the lake.
Dogs in the silo
chasing wayward mice. I guess
corn ‘futures’ are up.
On a Summer’s day,
an old jalopy sputters
down a dusty road.
I am older now,
than my father got to be.
Where’s my role model?
tanka haiku: A mirror reflects,
It can not envision nor
offer opinions.
It may reflect who I am …
but it gets it all backwards.
Bowls of walnuts sit
on a coffee table made
of their ancestors.
Conundrums collide!
Climactic catastrophes
clearly caused chaos!
By the garden fence,
a very blue hydrangea,
contemplates freedom.
Minds that only yearn,
and don’t taste the fruit of life,
merely chew the rind.
She laughed wickedly.
Such a chill went up his spine,
that he sneezed ice cubes.
tanka haiku:  All one ever knows,
Is what they’ve experienced,
Or taken on faith.
But, like silt in riverbeds,
Both can muddy the water.
The arc of your life,
will pierce many souls, sewing
tapestries of hope.
Nantucket lightships
cast their lights out to the sea;
“Warning: Rocky Shoals!”
Yearning for peaches,
he settled for nectarines …
and hoped for the best.
tanka haiku: There is a moment
that will happen in each Life;
When the hands of your 
father’s watch are laid claim to
by your son. Age bows to youth.
The playful kitten
stalks its prey … then it pounces
on the ball of yarn.
Somewhere in the deep
recesses of my brain, sleep
forgotten haikus.
tanka haiku:  In a dark, dank cave,
flickering shadows thrown by
a single candle,
dance upon the walls and play 
with our imaginations.
Once he had learned the
multiplication tables,
it all added up.
She had had enough
of his constant ogling,
so she turned his head.
He looked at his watch,
then nervously eyed the crowd.
Curtain going up!
tanka haiku:  A pox on ‘Fox’? Yes!
They lie like rugs, but … perhaps
The truth will find THEM.
On the other hand, rugs should
be beaten regularly.
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