This week’s heap of haikus – 05-04-2012

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Things I saw today:
Newlyweds on bridle path,
Cruise ship without pier.
(note: All ‘things’ mentioned in the ‘Things I saw today’ haikus were seen on the day the haiku was written on my ride to or from work.)
Honky-tonk music
spilled from an open window.
We danced in the street.
haiku: He was on a lark,
driving to New Orleans, to
hear some Dixieland.
 In my dreams last night,
I ran through fields of clover …
and there, I found you.

Across that river,
Lies the land where dreams still thrive.
We must build a bridge.
Sitting in his room,
pondering his hopes and dreams,
he fell fast asleep.
He was mesmerized,
not by her beauty, but by
how sweetly she laughed.
On the bus ride home,
she reached into her pocket,
and found his love note.
When I feel most lost,
I’ll wander through a garden,
for all paths lead there.

Angels do not fly;
they’re lifted by God’s hand and
placed where there is need.


Respond-ku from a friend:

That’s interesting.
But, perhaps, a distinction,
without a diff’rence.

I beg to differ,
those giant flapping wings can
be quite distracting.
 If you wish to know,
you will find a way to learn.
If you don’t … you won’t.
tanka haiku: I wish for my friends
to have their dreams come true, and
my enemies too.

    (Unless, of course, their dreams are
    to do me harm or kill me.)

Playfully placing
his hand upon her waist, thrilled
him beyond measure.
Whether at War or
fighting a Chronic Disease,
Courage will rise up.

Double haiku: Things I saw today:
a “punk” played with his yo-yo,
’til his bus arrived.

An old woman with
a used walker. wearing a
Nike Warm-up suit.

After the downpour,
the neon lights of Broadway
shimmered in puddles.
tanka haiku re-dux: Yes, you know my heart,
For we are kindred spirits,
Walking the same path.
    But stay wary, my friend, for
    Paths, like lover’s hearts, may turn.
 I think he enjoyed
being silly the most, when
she was serious.
Don’t hesitate to
voice your own opinions … just
try not to sound dumb.
Eagerly, she looked
in the Cracker Jack box, but …
found no diamond ring.
When World AS Day
falls on Cinco de Mayo:
Back-oh de Uh-Oh.
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