This week’s heap of haikus 5/11/2012

This week’s heap of haikus:
‘midst purple flowers,
a hummingbird suspended
in mid-air … awesome.
Things I saw today;
2 year olds wearing hoodies,
old men without canes.
Squirming, squealing kids,
make life a living … heaven.
Don’t they? Yeah, I know …
She knew a sick cat
when she saw one, and always
cared for, and fed them.
He grabs the railing
when his cane hits a wet spot
and he starts to fall.
Caught in the downpour
without an umbrella, he
steps in a puddle.
A tangerine sky,
clouds that haunt the horizon,
lure me into night.
When you discover
you have reliable friends,
fruit falls from the trees.
A yellow balloon
dances in a cloud-less sky
and we’re all children.
Fridays, after work,
She really lets her hair down,
And dances till dawn.
tanka haiku: Those that can not deal
with their friend’s adversities,
fear their own weakness.

    But smooth sailing weakens sailors
    while stormy weather breeds strength.

double haiku: Where are we going?
What direction will we head?
Will we stop for snacks?
I can’t believe it.
Are we there yet? You’re Kidding.
We haven’t left yet.
Winking at strangers,
with whom you come face-to-face,
might just make their day.
Windows to our souls,
eyes behold the world, but our
minds create vision.
A humid morning.
Across the street, some workers
sip coffee and smoke.
Scampering puppies,
can’t get traction on wet grass.
Bunnies hop away.
I knock. No-one’s home.
I post a note on the door,
‘Sorry ’bout the tree.’
His hum-drum life had
hum-drum relationships and
even hum-drum drums.


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