This week’s heap of haikus – 5-25-2012


This week’s heap of haikus:
Things I saw today;
Naval ships in the Hudson,
homeless in the streets.
A day for baseball
ruined by a thunderstorm …
puddles at third base.
 In you, I see me.
Our thoughts are clearly in sync.
And that makes me smile.
Any given day,
swirling leaves will seem confused
by the winds of change.
My heart belongs to
you, my sweet, and no-one else.
Hand me the remote.
 What, she asked, is Hope?
Hope’s the thing that blossoms
from seeds of despair.
 To amuse themselves,
she would sing, he’d whistle … but
always diff’rent tunes.
 The pre-War building
stood in stark contrast to the
soul-less skyscrapers.
Double haiku:  Lush forestation
made progress difficult, and
hid the waterfalls.
But … the explorers
finally found their way into
this “heart of darkness.”
The ladybug clings
to my sleeve, so I take her
to see my garden.
Gossiping biddies,
griping in their rocking chairs,
can sometimes be right.
Demands for Justice,
echo through millenia;
human rights prevail.
tanka haiku: Graceful extensions,
limber elevations, and
lithe, flowing movements.

Beauty and Ballet combined
will feed hung’ry hopeful souls.

My world is shifting.
Soon, I’ll be no-one’s son.
Who will hold me then?



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