This week’s haikus – 6 / 1 / 2012


This week’s heap of haikus:
Sun’s up, day’s begun.
What’s to come will not be fun.
Letting go is hard.


Our hearts are widest
when we put aside our thoughts
and let ourselves feel.

haiku-radio: “Ah, here we are in
Allen’s Alley. Let’s see if
Titus Moody’s home …”

“Howdy Bub … Radio? Don’t
care fer furniture that talks.”

Fred Allen – 5/31/1894 – 3/17/1956






tanka haiku: My neighbor’s daughter
has a lemonade stand which
offers free cookies.
A lousy biz’ness model?
Yeah, but then, so is Facebook.







My oak tree offers
shade to both friends and strangers …
Cool breezes extra.






Sometimes in my dreams,
I meet you in Times Square and
we are “us” again.







It takes letting go
and willingness for one to
find Elysian Fields.





The words some fear most;
“I’ve become my parents” … aren’t
always set in stone …






He’s considered dull;
just muddling through Life … yet
his heart slays dragons.






Chaos is ordered;
Ordinary orderlies
are out of order.






tanka haiku: Sunny, Summer days
running through fields, resting ‘neath
the shade of an oak.

Then we ride bikes to the park
and play baseball ’til dinner.






Blistering come-backs
bounced through his head, but all he
could say was, “Oh YEAH?!”





This haiku chain from last week’s comments section over on dagblog deserves repeating:

Verified Atheist: I step outside, breathe
Nature is wearing perfume
Flowers are harlots

A Man Called Lulu: Flowers are harlots
most purchased for their beauty
this john loves them all.

MrSmith1: Scarlet harlots thrive
in my garden, but you should
see their pimpernel.



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