Friday afternoon at the Haiku-lodeon 06-15-2012



He’d often quibble
with perceived wisdom, just to
be an outlier.
The future, he thought,
held great things for him, buthe’d
mis-read thetea leaves.
She wore gingham and
polka dot dresses, which made
her seem cartoon-ish.
tanka haiku: A third floor walk-up
in a poor neighborhood, with
a backyard garden.
Where, for him, it all began
and, for her, it all ended.

Wandering through Life,
I stopped and watched a parade,
then laughed and joined it.
 Eating blackberries
on a Summer’s afternoon
makes me feel care-free.
If you pull a thread,
keep in mind that the sweater
just might unravel.
Lights in his dorm room
blaze through the long night, for there’s
mid-terms tomorrow.
Oh Sunday morning …
Why have you arrived? I can’t
find my shirt and pants.
Petals of roses,
scattered along the pathway,
hint at what’s to come.
Here is a lesson
to be learned and not forgot;
While music plays, dance.
 My heart lives near the
Sycamore and still blossoms
after ev’ry rain.
In the deepest woods
there’s always stumps to sit on
while you play your flute.
My best gal and I
danced and smooched as the band played,
‘The Sugarfoot Strut.’
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