Another Friday afternoon at the haikulodeon – 6-22-2012

and be transported.”

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Flirting with danger,
he courted disaster, but
married words and deeds.


Our problem? Old men
who pay to make the world fit
into their small minds.


double haiku:

A question, my friend;
If I wish you, ‘all the best’,
what does that leave me?

Why should I be left
with just some second-rate ‘good’,
you lousy bastard?!


tanka haiku: She was pampered, but
without love, hampered, so she’s
no happy camper.
Which I’m sure puts a damper
on her heart, (which was tampered.)


Through a tortured night,
he tossed and turned in bed, while
dreaming of ex-wives.


tanka haiku: Charlie and his friend
rode in a first-class berth from
London to Dover.
    (They pretended they were spies
on a mission to Marseilles.)
Don’t be confused when
he speaks of his late girlfriend …
she’s never on time.
The train ‘clacks’ along.
I stare out the window as
cleared meadows rush by.
There is always hope;
even admitting the worst,
you could still be wrong.
Juneteenth; In the past,
news was slow to arrive. This
news should have had wings.
Tending your garden,
know that zinnias will thrive
where fuschias wither.
 An eager puppy,
tail wagging, strains at his leash.
So many new friends!
Are you feeling Blue?
I am feeling Violet …
(behind the woodshed.)
She’s tilting forward
‘cuz she’s wearing 6 inch heels.
Precarious Chic.
Memorized poems
dwell in our heads, waiting to
re-inspire us.
There, rooting for me,
as proud as he could be, was
of course, my father.
(A remembrance for Father’s Day of a Cross-Country race long, long ago …)

Crank the Victrola,
clear away the rugs and give
the maid the night off!
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