Another Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon … 7-13-2012




This week’s heap of haikus:
A couple cuddles
outside of the Guggenheim,
then waits for a cab.
a small chair in a
nearly empty apartment
offers no comfort.
A Double Dooley haiku:

“Mr. Dooley” said
That “Politics ain’t beanbag.”
(If only it were …)

“Dooley” also said
“All politics is local …”
(All subways express.)

On Avenue A,
scores of school-age skateboarders,
crowd hippies on bikes.
She wore a flower
neatly placed behind her ear,
then, she danced for him.
tanka haiku: God, aren’t you watching?
Can’t you see the mess we’re in?
Okay, stop laughing.

I know You gave us free will …
(We don’t know how to use it.)

A nymph cavorting
amidst a field of daisies,
sings a joyful song …
Being unemployed
will lighten your income and
darken your outlook.
History repeats
because most people forget;
Plant perennials.
Reading comic books
and playing travel bingo
got us to Grandma’s …
Slowly sweltering …
Sy’s Summer seersucker suits;
saavy selections.
Loathsome people too,
have that tiny piece of God,
which hides inside us.
A college dorm room
in the middle of the night;
quantum mechanics.
Our paths never crossed,
and yet, they almost entwined.
Thank God for the fork.
Dream of the mundane,
wake and deal with illusions …
Something’s not quite right.
 He’d been wined and dined,
he’d sinned … and been forgiven.
Now, he should give back.
An oak balustrade
framed the staircase as it poured
into the lobby.
Coral begonias,
offer quite a contrast
to those yellow mums.
Hiding in shadows,
waiting for the sun to set,
and bad moon to rise.
(I missed a day last weekend, which prompted this …)
tanka haiku: Haiku hiatus?
Conscript us? Or whipped us? Or
just simply tripped us?

No, I’m just being funny,
t’was too hot and too sunny.

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