A Showery Friday Afternoon in July at the Haiku-lodeon – 7-20-2012


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
 Stop … Listen to me.
Nothing will last. Got it? Good.
Now go out and play.
Summer’s mystery;
How can it be cold and still
be hot and muggy?
He ogled chorines
who danced in scanty costumes
and winked back at him.
You can regret parts
of your past, and yet still have
hope for your future.
 His freezer’s full of
popsicles, frozen treats and
watered-down ice cubes.
double haiku: One-eyed man met a
one-armed gal; she was leggy,
he was two-fisted.

They went to Vegas,
where he was blind-sided, and
she was a bandit.

While they were waltzing,
he suddenly realized …
she’s still beautiful.
You know how Life is –
Dull … ’til something comes along
and lights up your heart.
(My friend David’s response:)
Life dull? With sharp knives
’round ev’ry corner ready
to chop up one’s heart?
My response #1:
Sharp knives, round corners,
Hearty souls, and soulful hearts,
Get movin, chop, chop!
My response #2:
 ‘Round ev’ry corner,
and you’ll never get squared. But
take heart, you’ve got chops.
 At the sky’s edges,
mountaintops still pierce the clouds,
to peek at heaven.
 The flowers were left
leaning ‘gainst the headstone, for
no-one had a prayer.
Art has such power;
it can sing to our hearts, the
songs our minds can’t hear.
Warmed-over coffee
fills my mug like an old friend
that’s slept on the couch.
After the downpour,
the neon lights of Broadway
shimmered in puddles.
double haiku: We struggle, at times,
remembering our loved ones,
but vow, they won’t fade.

So, the old stories, though
familiar, are re-told, to
refresh our spirits.

 He’s considered dull,
just muddling through Life, yet
his heart slays dragons.
Ev’ry Flea Market
has old folks who’ll wrestle you
for Fiestaware.
 It’s a great day when …
baseballs get hurled, mom’s hair’s curled,
and the flag’s unfurled …
Woody Guthrie haiku:
Ain’t got ‘do, re mi?’
All they’ll call you’s deportees,
This land belongs to …?
He’s got vertigo,
you can bet he’s sure to go
falling down the stairs.
Marble-sized hailstones
bounced off air conditioners
in the East Village.
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