A Glorious Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 7-27-2012

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Wishing for rainbows
is fine, but refracting light
through a prism … works.
You hope for glory …
too often settle for praise …
don’t lose your focus.
 Living in Limbo,
you’ll see sunrise in Heaven
and sunsets in Hell.
 Though she pined for him,
she could not find a way to
gracefully forgive.
 Those small blades of grass
which ruin your garden’s ‘look’,
help curb erosion.
He yawns, then stretches
wonders why it’s so quiet …
Awake at sunrise.
Old photos captured
a me that’s no longer me,
I’ve … gone a long way.
Scared of the future,
can’t live in the past; old age
makes us ‘be here now.’
 I whisper your name,
Not because I need you here,
I just dig your vibe.
Response from a Friend:
Wish everyone had
Someone to whisper their name
Just to dig the vibe.
My Response:
Just send your name to
the universe and you may
find a whisperee …
My Friend’s Response: Imagine matching
whisperers to whisperees:
Now THAT’s a sweet job!
If you’re whispering
AND you’re whispered about, then,
You’re very lucky.
My Response:
Voids are always filled.
Whisperers find Whisperees,
in the Library.
tanka haiku: His reading glasses
slid right down his nose and dropped
into the toilet.
His obvious dilemma,
was solved when he stopped laughing.
haiku + tanka haiku:Is love illusion?
Rainbows just refracted light?
Is what you feel, real?Do we dream at all
or is it all a dream? We
may never be sure.

So whistle if you like, friend,
we all chose which world we build.

Whistling was the
first iPod; it makes music
where-ever we go …
 We will perservere.
We’ll wake again tomorrow
and tend our gardens.
tanka haiku: I am not happy
with the way things turned out … I
want a mulligan.
This time, ‘stead of a three wood,
I will try a pitching wedge.
 Ice Cream truck is here!
Maaaaaaa! Can I have a quarter?!
I’ll pay you right back!
 Our discoveries
have the power to turn us
into kids again …
Reminder-ku: Meeting girlfriend’s dad;
NOT the time to talk about
your love of ballet.
Talking out loud while
watching La Boheme is rude.
Sotto voce, jerk!
 The man in the moon
quietly observes lovers;
both earnest and fools.
You can stop crazy
folks from making lemonade …
Don’t give them lemons.
Marble-sized hailstones
bounced off air conditioners
in the East Village.
Summer’s mystery;
How can it be cold and still
be hot and muggy?
Heartfelt homilys
gave Sunday morning breakfasts
ample food for thought.
tanka haiku: Let’s live, not by sight,
but by faith, and a belief
that we are all blessed.
Fine, first pad the furniture,
then put on your “kick me” sign.
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