A Somber Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 8-3-2012



Sorry for the smaller than usual number of haikus this week.  Sadly, my mother passed away on Tuesday morning.  Her funeral mass was this morning.  She was an amazing woman, much loved by all who knew her.  The photo of her riding on the carousel was taken on her 90th birthday.  The other photo was from a job she had just after graduating high school, modeling hats for a department store.

She was stubborn and funny. She held on to life for much longer than any doctor predicted.  She hated to lose at canasta, even to her own great grandchildren.

Some of her ancestors came over on the Mayflower, and most were here by the late 1600’s.

She was a loving mom and to those that knew her, a good and loyal friend.
This week’s heap of haikus:

As we left the church,
Birds began to sing. Angels
whispered, Life goes on.


A new empty space
feels unusual, as if
nothing else goes there.


Though sealed with a kiss,
his love letter was opened
with her bitter tears.


In the marbled foyer,
an arrangement of jasmines
offers us welcome.


Thoughts run through my head,
in-congruent images
chasing after them.


They both were nervous …
Its been so long … Her heart raced.
He had to kiss her.


The young schoolgirl’s crush
waited ‘neath the boardwalk with
a cold grape soda.


The scariest words;
(“The doctor will see you now”),
Still come with co-pays.


Heartfelt homilys
gave Sunday morning breakfasts
ample food for thought.


Wishing for rainbows
is fine, but refracting light
through a prism … works.


Your hope for glory …
too often settle
s for praise …
don’t lose your focus.


Living in Limbo,
you’ll see sunrise in Heaven
and sunsets in Hell.


Though she pined for him,
she could not find a way to
gracefully forgive.

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