Late Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:


Emerging shadows,
late on Friday afternoon,
make me fear nightfall.




Want to have some lunch?
It’s okay, it’s on me … (The
waitress tripped – It was.)
Driving down the road,
looking for the right exit.
Billboards distract me.
Stuck in a bad place?
Ya can’t get out of a jam?
Grab your dancin’ shoes.
 He has a smart phone,
but a stupid housekeeper.
So things evened out.
tanka haiku: When you’re young and strong,
you don’t believe there will be
ravages of Time.But as you age, you will learn
how vulnerable you are.
Like a garden rose,
the nurse blossomed in the Spring …
then pricked my finger.
Memorized poems
dwell in our heads, waiting to
re-inspire us.
His leather briefcase
was left in a Greek diner
on Twenty-third Street.
A sterile house with
antiseptic anterooms,
only breeds uncles.
I think he enjoyed
being silly more, when she
was dead serious.
double haiku: This physical realm,
lets spiritual beings,
experience pain.Live and you’ll know pain;
All lessons in Life derive
from this single fact.

My Friend’s response:

 Other POVku:

I think life is Joy.
Pain is there to remind us
not to forget Joy.

Once you forget Joy,
Regis won’t show up either.
THEN where will you be?

My response:

Agreed; Life is joy.
But Joy’s not absence of pain,
It’s inhaling God.
My Friend’s response:
No, my friend, you’re wrong!
Joy IS the absence of pain.
Because G!d is Joy! 
We are born as G!ds.
Then pain interferes, somehow.
Lose pain, regain Joy!
My response:
You feel G!ddy?
In this city, you’re G!ddy,
And fined … for your pains.
My friends’s response:
Nooo, if you’re G!ddy,
You pretend to be crazy,
and get off scot-free.

My response:

Well, can’t argue that.
G!ddy is as G!ddy does.
Why? G!d only knows.
The kitten’s whiskers
brushed across the old man’s face,
making him giggle.
He crosses the street,
nonchalantly dodging cars,
but bicycles? BAM!
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