Friday Afternoon Runs Away with the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Sitting quietly,
pondering vissicitudes,
sure works up a thirst!
Financial Melt-down?
Colder times? Frozen Assets?
It’s time to “VOTE SNOW!”
Stiffy the Snowspondy approved this message. To learn more:
tanka haiku: She wore pink spandex
on her summer vacation,
which caused a riot.
Cops came. She was arrested,
and did a stretch in prison.
At once, tempers flared!
punches thrown, faces bruised, then …
cooler heads prevailed.
A wise man sees what
is truly needed, not just
what is desired.
Sometimes all it takes
to solve things is, ask for help.
Open Sesame.
Blistering retorts,
blossom on his blog-site like
roses in manure.
tanka haiku: Mind’s distracted, thoughts
retracted, speech redacted,
what left … subtracted.
Wandering in mental haze
is, happily, just a phase.
haiku: Youth is insistent,
Old age may negotiate,
Love grants both wishes.
tanka haiku: Deformed by disease,
he is perplexed by folks with
tattoos and piercings.
They pay for ‘mutilation’,
he’d pay much more not to be.
A bee that lands on
a giant sunflower, will
seldom seek a rose.
tanka haiku: You have long endured
both hardships and heartbreaks and
yet, you wish for more.
For you think that happiness
is paid for by misery.
tanka haiku: Lazy Sunday morn,
where have you gone? My sister
has come to ‘help clean.’
My apartment is transformed
by my sister’s elbow grease!
You are determined,
 you, yellow dandelions …
 pushing through sidewalks.
An old man’s lament-ku:
A willowy blonde,
winks at me on the bus, then …
offers me her seat.
The shade of an elm,
passes through my small garden,
as dusk approaches.
Embued with romance,
and lightly pastel of hue;
delicate roses.
Waiting for my ride,
whistling tunes from my youth,
old shadows re-form.
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