A Flimsily Funny Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon


This week’s heap of haikus:
tanka haiku: Nearly Sixty-two,
I shouldn’t feel so lost and
all alone in Life.

I know, I’m not alone … nor
lost, but feelings still can feel.



She was sick in bed,
but she grinned when her mom brought
waffles for breakfast.


ha-ha-ha-ku: Warning! Beware of
a Lackluster haiku-ster!
Each word’ll curdle …




Overdue haircut,
Wearing a green paisley shirt,
Diff’rent path taken.


A wellspring of joy,
lies within each of our hearts,
waiting to be tapped.
1950’s-ku: Being grown-up meant
a clean, folded handkerchief
in your breast pocket.
His Little League team
was sponsored by a pie shop,
which liked the rhubarbs.


On a shady lane,
there lived a lonely girl that
dreamed of love fulfilled.




Cats and melon balls,
a recipe for hi-jinks …
and some sticky cats.




Try imagining,
That strangers you encounter,
Are friends from past lives.


What, she asked, is Hope?
Hope’s the thing that blossoms,
From seeds of despair.


She laughed wickedly.
Such a chill went up his spine,
that he sneezed ice cubes.




The last fifty years
will be known as the time when,
up was sold as down.


Child Labor laws, and
Forty hour work weeks. Like ’em?
Thank the union folks.


The smell of incense,
beaded curtains, black-light art,
Hippies still exist!


In our old backyard,
some nights, we’d play baseball. The
tree was second base.


don’t resist urges
from impulse or desire …
they will point the way.


Like sails on schooners,
the bed sheets billowed, while pinned
to my mom’s clothesline.
Of the many truths,
all come down to just one fact;
you can’t hide from cats.


A freshly waxed floor,
an over-eager puppy …
hilarity ensues.


A Winter’s kindness.
Kindling gathered, I light
small fires of hope.


My friends … Dignity
is something you can’t obtain,
you can only have …



tanka haiku: I support your cause,
but don’t make me re-commit
ev’ry single day.

I have strength to see things through,
without constant Facebook “pokes.”



They started even,
but they can’t say who won; they
had diff’rent goal-lines.
If you think “Life Stinks”,
You’re wrong. Life is fine. It is
Consciousness that stinks.



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