A Friday Afternoon Escape to the Haikulodeon …


This week’s heap of haikus:
(Special guest appearances by my friend David’s haikus, which are in bold italics)
Stillness on the lake,
broken by the sound of loons,
human ones I mean.
Yearnings of the heart
not acted upon become
whispers on the wind.
On our Sunday drives,
we explored new neighborhoods
and found new diners.
 Blue skies above me;
in bluejeans, picked blueberries …
Why am I so blue?
I’d rather be blue
from picking the blueberries,
than holding my breath.
Will you be picking
blueberries real soon? I won’t
be holding my breath.
Ancient text reveals
secrets of the universe …
(if you’re int’rested.)
An unexpected
infatuation can help
mend a broken heart.
wandering side streets
of quiet little towns can
be quite revealing.
tanka haiku for 9/11 –
I pass Ground Zero
often on my way to work.
I can not forget.

The scar has still not healed. Life
has not returned to ‘normal.’

God did not want us
to be all mixed up. If he
did, we’d be chutney.
Wise words in Show Biz:
“NEVER use Gaffer’s tape when
other tape will do.”
 As filming began,
The Production A.D. tripped
and dropped her clipboard.
The film crew’s set-up
took all night and day, which left
little time to film.
Those that deal with pain
discover depths of strength that
were there all along.
To tell the truth, I
don’t care how deep my strengths are.
So, take my pain … please!
Tanka Bob-Hope-on-Vicodin-ku:
I wanna tell ya,
that Pain is really something ..
How about that pain?
It was so bad, Les Brown had
to admit he was More Blue.
An over dose of
an antidote, will become
a poison itself.
Remember; Thousands
of things will go RIGHT for you,
ev’ry single day.
(based on a line by author Rob Brezsny)
NEXT! – ku:
I have concluded
that this life’s incarnation
is unfixable.
Like burnt choc’late cake,
like refrozen ice cream bars,
like steak too well done.
 Like The Tappan Zee,
Like the Bruckner Expressway
Like the Gowanus.
 Like war, violence,
lazy people, dumb people,
My life can’t be fixed.
Respond-ku: Life in carnations
ain’t ever easy. Life in
daffodils might work.
Your life’s not broken,
you’ve looked through the wrong end of
the kaleidoscope.
The Gowanus and
The Bruckner and Tappan Zee;
All here to serve you.
Re-frozen ice cream;
a second chance to be loved.
You have not been licked!
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