An Autumn Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Quiet fluttering,
pirouetting in mid-air …
butterfly’s ballet.
Will you find a place
to rest your weary soul, and
applaud your journey?
 In a hula shirt,
he whistles on the boardwalk,
strolling to the beach.
 I wish for your love,
I hope for your approval.
I can give no more.
 How her heart would ache
in the middle of the night …
and be healed by dawn.
As he sat and thought
of his impact on the world,
a spider bit him.
Double haiku:   Some towns seem like home.
I so love to wander through
their old neighborhoods.
 London was like that.
I felt I’d been there before,
and knew my way ’round.
Janie is perplexed.
Grandma wears toilet water,
But she still smells good.
tanka haiku: Lives he impacted,
and loves he attracted, were
seldom protracted.

He loved and he knew them, and
then he would screw them. The End.

 In his loneliness,
watching as the world goes by,
he re-thinks choices.
 Mary had a lamb,
And little though it was, it
began stalking her.
Those that sit and yearn,
Don’t taste the fruit of life, they
merely chew the rind.
 Fridays after work,
She’d really let her hair down,
And would dance till dawn.
(A haiku back-and-forth with my friend and fellow
haiku-writer, David.  David’s haikus are in bold italics.)
Windows to our souls,
Eyes may behold the world, but
Minds create vision.
No wonder they say,
to be in another’s mind
will make you crazy.
Respond-ku 2:
But who is this “they”,
that are always saying things?
THEY’LL make you crazy.
As sure as I’m dead,
and struggling to be alive,
“They” are ALWAYS right.
Ah, but dead’s easy…
(at least that’s what they say) … it’s
comedy that’s hard.
If we just pretend,
Life’s filled with happy times, we’d
never light candles.
 Saw a sign today,
That said ‘Stand Up MRIs’ …
Comedy x-rays?
petal-less daisies
sway in the wind plucked nude by
some heartless children.
If you’ve loved and lost,
You know hearts will never heal,
’til they love again.
a 09-17-12 tanka haiku:
A date which will live
in toast-dom. Romney insults
half of the country.

Half the country’s lazy bums?
Ayn Rand has rotted his brain.

A plate of oysters,
a platter of popcorn shrimp
and slices of lemon.
His R & R with
M & Ms … called EMS
to go to ER …
I’ll be loving you
as long as Love’s an option …
After that, who knows?
tanka haiku:  Farm clocks sick from ticks …
Toxic ticks mean docs with “tricks” …
So sick hicks nix ticks.

Country clocks now only tock.

Which is, in fact, quite a shock.
Bonus poem what I just made up:


If Eva Longoria
took the Andrea Doria
to visit Astoria,
Well, that wouldn’t be groovy.
But … If in a panic,
she took the Titanic
and sank in the Atlantic …
That would make a great movie.
Bonus poem #2:
I’ve never seen a bike with petals,
I hope to never hide one
but if a bike like that exists,
I’d rather hide than ride one.
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