A Friday Afternoon’s Ride on the Haikulodeon


So proudly she stood
admiring her work. I
just snapped the photo.


A split rail fence was
respected in the old West.
But barbed wire helped.


tanka haiku: Once upon a time,
a kid went to the movies,
and ate Raisinettes.

That, of course, was long ago.
Now it’s tacos and sushi.


Can it really be?
It’s National Coffee Day!!*
Do that Java Jive!


*September 29th


So, farewell to thee.
Thou has stayed beyond the Spring,
and now, the Sea calls.


We’ll survive today
and dream beyond tomorrow.
forget yesterday.



During World War Two,
Grace worked in a factory.
To get ‘up to Speed.’  *


* My great-Aunt Grace Speed was my mother’s father’s sister. 
She lived in Elmira, NY and when she went to work in the factory, had her name embroidered on her overalls.



Unusual sights,
are often seen in New York.
Bring your camera.


tanka haiku: The fragility
of a small bird hopping on
the sidewalk stirs me.

It happily hops, then it
springs into the air and flys!


Bright and beautiful
shiny objects distract me.
So? What’s your excuse?


Stuck. Like in cement.
My life’s going nowhere, and
the stage has left Dodge.


Hazarding a guess,
he offered an opinion,
which was met with snark.


As the earth prepares
to take its winter snooze, the
foliage blushes.


Preparing to leave
on vacation will highlight
why you need to go.


I play ‘words with friends’,
and ‘parse syllables’ for fun;
write wry with writhe, right?


That quiet moment,
that lasts from 10 to 12.
Second coffee time.


Bonus poem:

A poem for my grand-niece Jessica and the deer that knocked her over while she was walking across her college campus.

A doe and a dear
met on a campus I hear
The doe was a deer
and the dear was a … D’OH!
What do dear does do dere?
Dey doze.




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