Friday on Vacation with the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus … Because I’m on vacation, I’ve included some “Best of” haikus to round out the heap … so to speak.


Skies with quiet clouds,
the boardwalk sparsely peopled,
old folks lost in thought.




Mechanized milk maids,

are a sure sign of progress,

to all but the cows.



His flights of fancy,

were of little consequence,

in her scheme of things.



An eager puppy,

tail wagging, strains at his leash.

So many new friends!




Complicated thoughts,

can give a haiku texture,

but not more insight.




Deep in the forest,

patches of stippled sunlight,

warm a leaf-strewn trail.



A garden pathway,

lined with purple violets,

absorbs all sadness.




In the drainpipe’s curve,

a nest of twigs holds two eggs

the true joy of Spring.




Hot and humid morn,

washed hair doesn’t want to dry,

so she wears a cap.




 A plausible scheme
 might come to fruition if
 the timing is right.




 I drove through the night
 to get to your front door and
 beg you to be mine.




Sitting on the porch,
looking at the ocean, I
watch the seagulls play.



When my mind escapes
from thoughts that weigh it down, it
soars above the clouds.



What’s more exhausting
 than having unlimited




tanka haiku:

Reading three month old
magazines happens only
when on vacation …

or when you are sitting in
your new doctor’s waiting room.




A bowl of chili
with cheddar cheese on top … for
lunch!! Ahh, vacation!




Maples, Elms and Oaks
burst with yellow, red and orange,
the forest ablaze!




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