A Wintery Friday at the Haikulodeon


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
An old jelly bean
found in my jacket pocket
still tastes pretty good.
Eleven decades …
All that time composing, now
he’s decomposing.
She blinked. He winked. They
exchanged a glance … and then, an
unexpected dance.
Children whispering,
conspiratorial glee …
Parents … be on guard.
When your fingers wag
and wiggle, I just giggle.
“Do it again, please.”
A wise man sees what
is truly needed, not just
what is desired.


Sometimes all it takes
to solve things is, ask for help.
Open Sesame.
The shade of an elm,
passes through my small garden,
as dusk approaches.
Cold wind, freezing sleet,
and an angry dog make me
wish my bus would come.
Do you bloom at night,
when you think no-one’s looking?
Moonlight savors you.
The shade of a tree
planted by my grandfather,
watches over me.
Republicans lost
‘cuz they still don’t know how to
“Do it Gangnam Style.”
Lovers overhear
a ‘spicy’ conversation,
they nod and then grin.
Edges of her path
are frayed, for she’s not always
kept within the lines.
If you syncopate
a fascinatin’ rhythm,
will you strike a chord?
The clouds in the sky
drifting by and lazily
I sit and watch them.
Those being drenched may
not think of how they will
be blessed by the storm.
A tall vase full of
perky yellow daffodils
assuages his guilt.
The scar on his arm
made his hula-girl tattoo
appear to wiggle.
Will we be known by
the things that divert us or
those that focus us?
Under the table
is no place to be when your
boss takes you to lunch.
Actor heard praying
while crossing Shubert Alley;
“God, the first act sucks.”
tanka haiku: There is a sad fear
that’s buried deep in our hearts;
that no love will last.

So we pray that Time’s not cruel
and our memories won’t fade.






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