A Pre-Xmas-y Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
It took twenty years
to go from “Casablanca”
A tiny sparrow
is chased by a feisty pup
pulling a young girl.
Reading comic books
and playing travel bingo
got them to Grandma’s.
 Brightly colored flags
flapped happily in the breeze;
quite a stirring sight
 Martini’s shaken
and not stirred, makes olives bounce
and Bond, James Bond, drunk.
When you are swimming,
you don’t think about drowning.
So it is with Life.
 Twilight emerges,
putting this long day to bed,
releasing our dreams.
Juggling toothpicks
is not as hard as it looks …
(Nothing ever is.)
Comfy and cozy
and wrapped in a patchwork quilt,
she sipped some hot soup.
Depressed optimists
still live for tomorrow … ‘cuz
today really sucks.
 Courtesan and muse,
she was unemotional …
though she was tickled.
 Slouched in a corner,
of a dingy juke joint, a
young man learns the blues.
 Whatever ends will
begin again; our journey
is but a circle.
Words had no effect,
so, reluctantly, he tried
throwing sticks and stones.
Skill’s a garden that
grows when we tend to it and
withers from neglect.
 A chronic disease
is to happiness as a
stork is to a plum.
It does not add up
that the way to multiply
is through division.
Those closest to us
can take comfort in knowing,
we recreate them.
In a garden lost,
overgrown with grass and weeds,
peonies still bloomed.
Off in a corner
sits a quiet little girl
who dreams of rainbows.
Lonely blue highways,
asphalts to infinity,
still, I travel on.
Scars are reminders
that life can be risky, but
we can, and will, heal.
Bonus Xmas-y stuff from www.Spondyville.com :

“My friend, being healthy is no guarantee of a better life. In fact, a life without pain and suffering, may seem like an easier, more desirable choice, but know this; nothing great and lasting was ever built on comfort and complacency. It is through struggle and effort and being willing to adapt to change and endure in the struggle, that all great lives are lived and great things accomplished. Be who you are, and you will do what you do and that will have an impact.” – An excerpt from the Spondyville holiday classic, “It’s a Wonderful Snowspondy” –


“T’was the morning of the day before the night before Christmas, and all through the town, Spondys were getting ready for the holidays.  There was so much to be done, (and for most Spondys so much figuring out of alternate ways of getting those things done … to be done.)
As the sun slowly rose above the horizon, (if you listened very closely), you could hear the sound of hundreds of sock devices being used to assist the townsfolk in putting on their hosiery, and hundreds of extra long shoe horns being used to wedge slightly swollen spondy feet into their pre-tied spondy shoes …” – An excerpt from the Spondyville holiday classic, “Christmas in Spondyville.”
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