A Friday afternoon birthday party at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:

Hooray!!  It is my
birthday! One more year gone by.
Where’s my slice of cake?

tanka haiku:
Now that I am old,
I don’t have to ask for help,
nice folks will offer.
Of course, what they offer is,
seldom what I need. Oh well.
(slightly risque haiku:)
On my head sits a
cat. A rather large one at
that. That cat just shat.
tanka haiku:
It’s not through weakness
of your spirit that you’ve got
a chronic disease.
The fault lies, in dear Brutus,
and his pal Cassius’ ‘stars.’
Respondku from my friend, David:
Brutus and Cassius …
If they got the stars, then why
do we have the pain?
Tanka Respond-ku:
Who’s got the pain when
they do the mambo, who’s got
the pain when they go….
Damn, one syllable too long!
ERRRRRRRP!  It’s not even a word!
A rosy outlook
may still have thorny problems.
Gardeners, wear gloves.
Life may intrude on
well-crafted scenarios,
don’t write them in ink.
An incoming tide,
coral clouds at sunrise … All
our Hopes are reborn.
A haiku cycle in 3 parts:
The promise of youth
may be mere speculation,
but it’s all I’ve got.

The promise of youth
may have to be postponed, but
it will be fulfilled.
The promise of youth;
a lie, a sham, a fraud, but
it kept me going.
tanka haiku:
I have been too bad
to be a saint; too good to
be the anti-Christ.
What does that leave me? Only
a real boring middle ground.
In snowy woods, I
follow tiny footprints, which
suddenly vanish.
It’s not that I find
you intriguing, it’s just that
in you, I see me.
 What do small boys think
when they play at being men?
“Has mom made my lunch?”
The snow on the fence,
looks like the mashed potatoes
on my dinner plate.
Live a life of love,
look to better angels, carve
your own walking stick.
Time flies, yes it does,
‘here and now’ will soon be ‘was’…
But why? Just because …
walking hand in hand,
we reach the edge of the dream.
there, I let you go.
(To a Facebook friend in Pakistan who sent me birthday wishes yesterday:)
The world where you are,
sees each day begin while I’m
still stuck in last night.
(And to another friend in Australia…)
I always marvel
at how people “down under”
live in my future.
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One Response to A Friday afternoon birthday party at the Haikulodeon

  1. Michael, thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning with these lines. Wishing you a very fulfilling weekly posting, and success in your campaign to raise awareness about ankylosing spondylitis. And thanks for following my blog.

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