A tear-stained Friday afternoon at the Haikulodeon – 12/14/12

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
Again, “Breaking News”
tells me children have been shot.
Again, my tears flow.
 Immortal souls that
live in mortal bodies … That’s
one of God’s jokes, right?
 Hiding in the field,
he overheard it all, and
figured out the plot.
 Actor heard praying
while crossing Shubert Alley;
“God, the first act sucks.”
 Though sealed with a kiss,
his love letter was opened
with some bitter tears.
A drizz’ly morning’s
walk through a nearby woods, clears
my mind of its gloom.
 In her kitchen, she
quietly drank her coffee,
then rubbed her stiff hands.
If we ‘Let it Snow’,
there’ll be slipp’ry slopes. So
draw the line at slush.
tanka haiku: He was toasted, then
roasted, and when he got old,
he coasted. The End …
… came sooner than was posted,
which thrilled the ghost he hosted.
 Chasing a sunset,
hoping for one last glimpse as
today fades away …
 I’m still a bit numb,
sitting in our bedroom with
your empty closet.
 It’s a long, long way
to Tipperary, so we
tipped a cow instead.
 If you tell a lie
in Capistrano, you’ll find
it hard to swallow.
Where we’re most afraid,
may be places where, as kids,
we felt the most safe.
The irony is …
it takes effort to be still,
and none to be wild.
tanka haiku:
The pretty girl  thinks
Mozart’s on my iPod, but
it’s just Rock n’ Roll …
and some Broadway musicals …
and early Louis Armstrong.
tanka haiku:
Why defy the wind?
Or swim against the tide? Why
make things so damned hard?
There’s but one answer to this …
It is where I am going.
Respond-ku by my friend, David:
Carrying my soul
on a tiny pollen grain
a breeze takes me miles.

Lands me on a babbling brook,
floating me to G*d-knows-where.
Peddlers on bikes,
pedaling to sell their wares,
peddle warily …
When you think of friends,
round their rough edges’, and put
smiles on their faces.
Things we’ve embedded
are frequently feted, though
seldom are vetted.
I doubt … and sometimes
let fear slow me. BUT … In the
end, I keep going.
Compelling clappers;
aren’t they a bell-weather of
ringing endorsements?
Found her on Ebay …
She shared great-grandma’s name, but
was not related.
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