A Year’s End Guest Haiku-ers Visit to the Haikulodeon

Instead of my usual weekly heap of haikus, I thought I’d let this week be mostly a look back at the past year’s haikus written by other dagbloggers in their comments to my postings.  At the very end, I’ll include a few of my own from the past year.   



Browsing the haikus

a sudden glint of laughter

comes as a surprise.






On the Sandy Hook Massacre: 


Guns, guns, and more guns

Babes in the garden are gone

Eden’s been attacked!


I can’t stop cryin’

Five year-olds are just dyin’

Before our own eyes.


There is no bizness

Like show bizness on cable

Now cliches abound


Children have been wronged

Families are in mourning

Is there a morrow?


Richard Day





The snows are comin’

They had landed already

A few weeks ago


They are comin soon

The snows are comin again

This time forever


No more green will be

No more hopes and no more dreams

Winter comes for good!


20 below comes

And the sun will disappear

But I will be here


62 seasons

I have seen it all I thought

Memory fails me


Richard Day




Shy maple blushed red
Until the cold gale blustered
And modesty lost.

– flowerchild 

Cluster of Aspens

encircled by conifers;

Yellow defies Green.




First blizzard arrived

And it left the ground just damp

Was sound and flurry


Leaves are goin fast

The sun is just peekin through

I better go now


Richard Day



Tanka haiku:


The squirrels dig holes;

seemingly by a fixed plan

where my tiny lawn

    becomes an array of pits

    designed by Rene Descartes.







Many years later

A forest grows in Brooklyn

Squirrels always win.






A yellow dancer

On a Summer garden stage

Always steals the show.







The spark may not take.

Despite all earnest efforts,

Rain postpones the fire.






tanka haiku:


I am a planet.

Water fills the low places.

Wind carves the mountains.

   So the Earth is my sister;

   Not an identical twin.








A song fills the house,

She is working at something,

Only I know this.








You think life is fun?

Go up and straighten your room.

Ice cream truck is here!


Oxy Mora




(When I accidentally double-posted one week, I was informed that things had been corrected in haiku:)


Your double posting

of the haikulodeon

is now a single







The intensity

of her lips made him wary.

He touched his wallet.


Oxy Mora




Lifting up the skirt,

to clear the flowers below;

Her steps are like rain.






Don’t feed that damned cat

Now look, kittens everywhere

Anyone got milk?


Oxy Mora






I marched to the store

At dawn with frost in the air

I wore winter clothes


I marched once again

Midmorn in the sun in sweats

My view t’ward the pond


I repeated the journ

At noon in a short-sleeved shirt

A bright sunshine shone


A year’s wear in hours

With wonder and awe I saw

A year in a day


A year in a day

Changes can be so awesome

You blink and miss it


Consider the Tao

And you think you know the way

The Tao can vary


We think that we know

But can you deny what shone

A year in a day


Richard Day





I step outside, breathe

Nature is wearing perfume

Flowers are harlots


Verified Atheist




Flowers are harlots
most purchased for their beauty
this John loves them all


A Guy called LULU




He will not return.

But his words are now my words;

What am I saying?







A sign of aging
What was I talking about?
My memory fades…


Verified Atheist





The blogger will write

Words to jangle, joggle, jab

But the screen is dim


Michael Wolraich





I should have done this
I should have done the other
Why even bother!
Richard Day

The wood lets you know

when the chisel shapes the hand;

Skill is a garden.







When the clouds permit,

balloons for the funeral

refract a cold light.


Each dealt hand was bad.

It was time to leave the game.

But new cards arrive.








Please sir, hold my arm

Until we reach ground level.

That man is staring. 


Oxy Mora





I ran out of stone.

The eye is drawn to the gap

where the path falls short.







How can Ray be dead?

In my mind we are still young,

With lifetimes ahead.







Rain falls into streams,

Tracing the lowest places

Where memory lives.


Kept awake by fire,

We noticed an odd rhythm:

Flame clinging to wood.


The Earth is patient,

In no rush for our return.

But not slow either.


Air reflects you best;

Rushing forward so quickly,

I am left behind.







This is quite a shock

Breathing seemed so simple once

Then came these Haikus.







Where did Oxy go?

Shimmied up a street sign pole.

Then couldn’t get down. 


Oxy Mora





Arrogant Yankees

I ain’t no damn hillbilly!

Them be fighting words!


Verified Atheist






When Ken lied to her,

Barbie left the skate party.

High heels dot the ice.







I once chased my thoughts;

They ran away so quickly.

Now they wait for me.


Two days of climbing

Slept in a hut with Japanese

We scaled Mount Fuji. 


Oxy Mora






Smile, you ga-i-jin;

What are they doing up here?

Nice flight jackets, though. 


Oxy Mora





I am a tea guy

But I am a coffee guy

Both will do the trick!


Richard Day






I am on the dock

Staged to board the Klahowya

I must live on board


(the word is pronounced Kla – how – Ya)







I  saw a surfer

To float the waves of the Sound

Is he stoned or dumb?







All politics stink.

Just when I think I get it

Someone lets go facts. 



Oxy Mora






Teach them all at home.

Art and religion are foes!



Oxy  Mora






She sent him away,

Or he left without a word.

Time does not decide.







She would not listen,

And left, but year after year,

He still talks to her.








He never listens.

Did you put the right socks on?

And now you know why. 


Oxy Mora





It’s even harder

To know the right from the left

When she buys tube socks.


Oxy Mora






There is no diff’rence

Between the right and left sides

And… that’s what she said!


Verified Atheist





He never got jokes.

She showed him two short pink socks.

He didn’t laugh much. 


Oxy Mora




Wonderful haikus all.  Thank you all for sharing them with me.


I couldn’t chose my own top ten from last year, so I just picked a few that I liked …




His hopes had been dashed,
his dreams all surrendered … The
tide pulls at his feet.
He rubs his fingers
over a long healed scar and
reflects on close calls.
 Whistle happily
in the midst of turmoil and
confuse everyone.


The fabric of Life;
From order to chaos, we
slowly unravel.
In the swirls of clouds,
where we imagine heaven,
floats both love and hope.


Warmed over coffee
fills my mug like an old friend
that slept on the couch.
Walking through the woods,
I find a weathered birdhouse,
nailed onto a tree.


Since the day we met,
the creases from your smile,
are still in my eyes.
Wearing her sweatshirt,
nursing a cup of coffee,
reading the Funnies.
Deep in the forest,
Patches of stippled sunlight,
Warm a leaf-strewn trail.

A garden pathway,
Lined with purple violets,
Absorbs all sadness.
At the sky’s edges,
mountaintops still pierce the clouds,
to peek at heaven.

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