A Philosophical Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 1/11/2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
 Sticks of patchouli,
smouldered in her musty room,
which incensed her mom.
Two tanka haikus:

Being Defiant
is not the same as being
Positive. Got it?

And being Positive does
NOT mean you’re always Happy.

is about context, and not
about suppressing

negative things in your Life.
Don’t defy that which teaches.

A curious mind,
some spirited pondering …
Voila, new insights.
She no longer cares
if she impresses others,
she just likes to SING!
What is on your mind,
the weight of the world … or the
lightness of being?
In an oblong tin,
he kept his oolong tea, which,
steeped too long’s, too strong.
Comfy and cozy
and wrapped in a patchwork quilt
she sipped some hot soup.
 We both know that she
is fishing for compliments …
(Get me off the hook.)
 It’s often said that
mischief stalks the mundane to
make it funnier.
 Badly scraped knuckles
were all that he had to show
from ‘winning’ the fight.
 Flecks of peeling paint,
pepper the cement floor near
his daddy’s dinghy.
tanka haiku:  Why do you suppose
we have physical limits? …
To teach us patience.


( Also, to give us something
that we can complain about. )




Near shallow shoals,
sallow souls in hollow holes
scream at scheming scum.
 He felt so awkward
in a glittering ballroom
with his two left feet.
 He tried to argue,
such small obligations should
only count as one …
 She spoke soberly:
“Though he may surrender, he
won’t admit defeat.”
 Some baseball cards were
clothes-pinned to the spokes of my
bike’s wheels. I was cool!
tanka haiku: Patterned wallpaper,
pale blue linoleum and
a wooden table.

I watch my dad make coffee
in my kitchen memories …

Red-headed co-eds …
Ragtime on old radios …
Remnants of past lives.
 Rooting through garbage;
not the same as feeling you
are down in the dumps.
 Through leafless treetops,
which sway from the winter winds,
I glimpse flags flying!
“When I was younger”,
precedes a reminiscence
which ends happily …
She recalls fondly
how one rainy afternoon
they ‘shared’ an awning.
“When I was younger”,
precedes a reminiscence
which ends happily …


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