A Chilly Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon – 01/18/2013

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
With hearts full of grace,
and souls generating love
we shall overcome.  
 (Thanks to my friend, Jim W. for the Martin Luther King, Jr. quote that inspired this haiku.)
In my solitude,
I can reach inside my self
and draw out my thoughts.
Humor is a salve
that can heal many wounds and
lift up hearts and souls.
 If you own a gun,
you’ve agreed to a world where
shooting’s an option.
 A dagger as sharp
as a lover’s rebuke has
not, as yet, been made.
Just two things matter
in the world; laughter and tears;
So indulge in both.
Don’t look down on the
simple joys; they remind us
to keep looking up.
 Do you feel the world
is here for your amusement,
or you for the world’s?
Blessed are those that
never got sick, for old age
will be a surprise.
Cynicism is
easy, Optimism hard.
The sky is still blue.
I may meander
through some fields and forests, but
I’ll find my way home.
 That broken heart might
not be caused by love. Our hearts
rule many kingdoms.
I have gone back home
to find dreams I put away
and search for new hope.
tanka haiku: On a cribbage case
once owned by his father, he
found an inscription:

“I have been through war and peace,
and still wish to keep playing.”

I did not expect
to have to expectorate …
I don’t feel phlegm-ish.

(The only haiku Rembrandt ever wrote …?)

 Do you entertain
thoughts beyond your current ‘ken’,
or just play ‘Barbie?’
See, the problem was,
Love for her was sloppy; it
spilled onto others.
Expressionless face,
dulled eyes, calm demeanor … What
kind of clown ARE you?
You only tease those
for whom you have affection.
Otherwise, you’re mean.
When looking up
Archimedes Palimpsest,
read between the lines.


We wince, we shudder,
we bite our lip. We endure.
Mere pain won’t stop us.
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