Another Perfectly Fine Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
People come and go
And Trains too.  Welcome to Grand
Central Terminal.
(Happy 100th birthday today (Friday) to Grand Central Terminal, one of NYC’s landmark buildings.)
 When I was little,
the world was full of wonder.
Who switched worlds on me?
Response from my Jim W. 
A world of wonder
Once everywhere, now subtle
In my mind still bright
 In New York City,
you can walk past history
without knowing it.
icing on cupcakes
is meant to be licked; but do
NOT use your fingers.
Quiet young ladies
sit in the Starbucks and “like”
their Facebook comments.
tanka haiku: All my past efforts
have been to win her back. I
suppose that sounds dumb.

Do trees spend winter trying
to win back their autumn leaves?

She asked, “Are they real?”
“The loves you write about …?” They
were and are, to me.
 Whispering in bars
lets us say what we think, but
not have it be heard.
 A nymph cavorting
in fields of yellow daisies,
makes me think of you.
Although her heart ached
in the middle of the night,
it was healed by dawn.
Darkness overwhelms,
but then, the morning sunrise
peeks through my window.
Now is not the time?!
Now is ALWAYS the time!! It’s
the tense we’re stuck in.
My heart lives near the
sycamore tree, which blossoms
in the early Spring.
Lights in the dorm room
blazed through the night, as room-mates
argued ‘Politics.’
 Reading epistles,
‘midst clover and thistles, a
joyful man whistles.
The man in the moon
silently observes lovers;
both earnest and fools.
Though sealed with a kiss,
his love letter was opened
with some bitter tears.
Thoughts run through my head,
in-congruent images
chasing after them.
Our hope for glory …
too often settles for praise …
don’t lose your focus.
The hinges were so
tight, the door barely opened;
the jam was ajar.
 I ate a snowflake!
It was delicious … and I
just stuck my tongue out!
(Written by the 5 year old me that lives inside my head.)
Happiness is not
the station you arrive at,
it’s the train you’re on.
tanka haiku: 

Political hacks seek to 
pick apart his legacy. 
We must not let them.

What is left of FDR?  
America’s middle class.
(FDR’s birthday was this week.  He would have been 131 years old.)
On a snowy morn,
a church in the distance is
framed by the bare trees.
Jennifer Dye Visscher’s Walk Your AS Off campaign starts March 1st.  Last year the teams of Spondys participating, walked enough steps to go around the world more than once. This year, we’re shooting for enough steps to get to the moon.  For more info:
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