A Heartless Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon 2-15-2013

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
A downtown cafe …
lovers cuddle in a booth,
and share some red wine.
 I dropped the choc’lates
in the slush. The rose wilted.
Cupid’s a b*st*rd.
 Remembering love
is a journey through the soul
that restores the heart.
The toddler’s confused …
the room’s full of balloons and
dad’s dressed like a clown.
Twilight, cold and wet.
To ease the chill in my bones,
a savory bisque!
A tall glass of juice,
is no substitute for a
big mug of coffee.
A dark, grey morning
Serious people crowd me
I can’t help but laugh.
Locked in a body
that can no longer run, he
decides he will walk.
The race over, and
having breasted the tape, she
sat and had a smoke.
Minds that merely yearn,
Never taste the fruit of life,
they just chew the rind.
Behind us, footsteps!
A shadow in the doorway!
Then … A match is struck!
 She sneezed her dress off,
Which caused quite a kerfuffle,
in the library.
By the garden wall,
a very blue hydrangea,
envies a spider.
We laughed ’til we hurt,
for we’d stumbled upon, a
universal truth.
A sincere heart is,
more likely to change the world,
than a reasoned thought.
 When daffodils bloom,
near the edge of one’s garden,
passers-by may pluck.
As she walked away,
I brought my hands to my face
to hold in my dreams.
My friend David’s respond-ku:

Helpless to assist
I watched as she left him there
alone with his tears.
My response:
He lived in torment,
misery inside each breath,
heaven denied him.
 In Nantucket pubs,
zithers and dulcimers played,
to enraptured drunks.
 A wind-swept plateau
where the sky looms large, as in
a John Ford western.
All the king’s horses,
And all the king’s men, liked their
egg over easy.
With billowing sails,
o’er churning, white-capped waters …
grey skies at ebb tide.
Sometimes I’m awake,
When I should be fast asleep,
dreaming I’m awake.
 Are you a misfit
and conspire to rebel?
Get in line, my friend.
Rain evaporates,
the Autumn leaves decompose,
Snow melts. Life happens.
double haiku: An Irish Setter,
gallops through Riverside Park,
greeting each toddler.

His owner just laughs,
reassuring the nannys,
the dog is friendly.

Dispositions change.
Mindsets frequently evolve.
Never close a door.
When I’m all alone,
in my mind and in my heart,
you reverberate.
tanka haiku: The quiet street near
the pont neuf, was used for a
fashion photo shoot.

The model seemed out of place,
the photog, out of this world.

This was inspired by seeing some old photos of Paris on HuffPost. When I was in Paris in 1989, my then girlfriend and I were out for a walk on a very early Sunday morning and came upon what seemed to be a spontaneous photo shoot. The model seemed so incredibly out of place, that we paused for a moment to watch, unseen, as the photographer scampered around snapping shots. Months later, we had a good laugh as one of the photos actually turned up in a fashion magazine that my girlfriend used to read regularly …
double haiku:

Rabbits cautiously
munch on thistles in wet grass
while the thunder sleeps.

A nine year old girl
under blankets, shakes in fear …
her thunder still sleeps.

The point of flying
is to leave the ground. Let your
dreams pull you skyward.
My friend David’s response:


Dreams pull us skyward?
Then why, pray tell, is it called
a wishing WELL? Hmmm?
My response:
A wishing well is
a hole for hopes, and seldom
are dreams well grounded.

My friend David’s haiku:

A prayer for guidance
beats a prayer for any “thing,”
hands down, no contest.


My response:

But prayers to be
guided to “anything” leaves
God lots of options.



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