A Wish-filled Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon – 2/22/2013


Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
He looks angry, but
his pain had only just begun.
Looks are deceiving.
(This photo was taken in 1980, the year I first felt the symptoms of what would be diagnosed as Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1985.)



Double haiku:
I thought I saw her
standing on a street corner
waiting for the light.
Her face was so calm
her bearing so relaxed, I
sensed she was happy.
Swirling embers rise,
riding a smoky breeze, then
die, and fall to earth
Where he planned to plow,
a row arose to roundly
rout rows of roses.

Souls forge truth and hope,

while minds dream up fantasies

and hearts search for love.

tanka haiku:
Are you touched each day?
Physically caressed or just
held in someone’s arms?
Or do you use cyber-hugs,
as salve for withered longings?
Underneath his bed
is a shirt that she once wore
And still does, in dreams.
A gigg’ling toddler,
plays ‘soccer’ on the sidewalk
with his patient dad.
In this worldly realm,
folks often mistake kindness
for passivity.
An unexpected
infatuation can help
mend a broken heart.
An over-dose of
an antidote, will become
a poison itself.
Aunties in panties
love Uncles’ carbuncles … (So
say the sea chanteys.)
Apples in bowls pose
for a painter’s ‘still life’, then
wait to be eaten.
Will you walk with me
to the crest of the hill, where
new horizons wait?
She seemed unaware,
that her presence caused a scene;
crowds in an uproar.
Cats and melon balls;
a recipe for hi-jinks …
and sticky felines.
Mary had a lamb,
And little though it was, it
started stalking her.
You think you’ve won, BUT …
Like the phoenix from ashes,
I shall rise again!
It does not add up,
that the way to multiply,
is through division.
Sitting in his room,
pondering his hopes and dreams,
he soon fell asleep.
Windows to our souls?
Eyes may behold the world, but
Minds create vision.
The look in her eyes
was enough to melt his heart …
and his tupperware.
trudging slowly on,
I get to the pharmacy
just as it’s closing.
Sunday ev’ning and
I dread the week to come; full
moon and rising tides.
Watching old sit-coms,
I see the world I thought would
be, when I grew up.
Don’t use a cane with
limp imaginations, use
a damned bungee cord.
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