A Concise Friday Afternoon at the Haikulodeon – 03-01-2013

Here’s this week’s heap of haikus:
These moments frozen
60 years before my birth,
make me nostalgic.
(My maternal great-grandmother, Agnes Kelly.  In the early 1890’s, she lived about 4 blocks from where I currently work in the East Village.)
Double haiku:
Haikus are concise.
They sketch scenarios from
a few syllables.

A novel, on the
other hand, is expansive
and may bloviate.
Resolve by any
other name is stubbornness.
Of that, I’m guilty.
Harmonizing with
his mates kept the mood bright and
his life in accord.
Mad dogs and English
muffins can get badly burnt
by mid-day Sunbeams.

I remain in awe
of the lives that have touched mine.
Each brought a lesson.
In a storefront church,
a young girl began to sing,
and the angels wept.
He was mesmerized
by her height, her beauty and
how sweetly she laughed.
Where do you get off?
I mean seriously, where?
The corner okay?
A slice of apple,
a wedge of sharp cheddar cheese,
And a well-worn book.
Despite commitments
and their vows of devotion,
Love had other plans.
Nantucket sand dunes,
hide a young couple in love,
From all … ‘cept one dog.
Deep in the forest,
patches of stippled sunlight,
warm a leaf-strewn trail.
We search for meaning,
but as we wander through Life,
fog envelops us.
Though his tea was brisk,
his manner was quite brusque, so
She served him some bisque.
Scouts on camping trips,
Lovers caught in passion’s throes,
Neither needs matches.
A freeze-framed moment;
He sees, for the first time, his
daughter all grown up.
The glow of the moon,
Illuminates the stillness,
Of country meadows.
Sunday; Wear sweatshirt,
Nurse a big mug of coffee,
and read the Funnies.
Do you spend your days
mopping up calamities?
or creating them?
Will you ever wake?
Or will you dream forever?
Will you ever know?
Pairs of well-worn shoes
indicate unsatisfied
Catastrophic muck,
Mercury’s in retrograde …
Cosmic forces  … arrggghhh!
The ‘Art of Sitting’
begins with a screwdriver
and some plans in French.
My friend David’s response:
There’s nothing so bad
that having some chicken soup
won’t make it better.
My respond-ku-ka-doodle-do:
Unless, of course, one
is suffering from a bad
chicken allergy.
My Siamese cat
sits at the window, and stares
at distant mountains.
tanka haiku: Where there is no path,
I will make one. Where no-one
knows, I will explain.

One step begins the journey.
This journey will reach the moon.

The “Walk Your AS Off” campaign begins today. 
For more info:  www.WalkYourASOff.com
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